How Porterville Transit is Using EVs to Improve its Shuttle Services

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Transit agencies around the country are beginning to test electric vehicles (EVs) in their fleets, with some designing creative programs to assess their viability. The City of Porterville, California, started with a fleet of battery-electric vans and created a new way for residents to access its on-demand curb-to-curb, ride-hailing service.

With a dozen zero-emission Lightning eMotors Electric Transit Vans, Porterville Transit is proving the viability and versatility of EVs, while also increasing a charging infrastructure that also allows for public access with the help of Southern California Edison.

Watch this webinar recording to hear from:

  • Lightning eMotors on how its lineup of EVs can be customized to meet your fleet’s needs.
  • Porterville Transit on how they reduced emissions, saved money, and improved ridership with EVs.
  • California utilities PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE on how to cut both costs and time when installing an EV charging infrastructure.

Tim Reeser

CEO and Co-Founder

Lightning eMotors

Richard Tree

Executive Director

Tulare County Regional Transit Agency

Tim O’Neill

Account Executive

Pacific Gas and Electric

Jason Groves

Business Development Senior Specialist in Transportation Electrification

Southern California Edison

Lianna Rios

Clean Transportation Customer Solutions Manager

San Diego Gas & Electric