New Fleet Management Company Ready to Assist Fleets in Their Sustainable Transitions 

May 19, 2023

Managing a fleet is no easy task for the more than half a million freight carriers in the U.S. Add to that the accelerating pace of vehicle technology development and the current and impending regulations surrounding commercial trucking, and you have a landscape wrought with confusion, stress, and concern.

Enter SVT Fleet Solutions, a new fleet management company entering the market that is looking to innovate how the commercial trucking industry moves forward.

“Clean technology development has had a significant impact. As the world shifts towards sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions, there is an increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions in various industries, including fleet management,” said Don Kelley, SVT’s president. “The development of clean technologies, such as electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles, and alternative fuel options, has provided new opportunities and challenges for large commercial fleets.”

Kelley, considered a pioneer of the fleet management industry, brings with him more than four decades of experience to his new role, as well as the backing of Velocity Vehicle Group, which owns the new company and serves as a valuable resource for SVT’s customers.

“Don Kelley’s background uniquely positions him to lead SVT Fleet Solutions through the challenges and opportunities presented by evolving vehicle technologies,” said Esther M. Santos, SVT’s head of business development. “His comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics, fleet maintenance practices, and the integration of emerging technologies will be instrumental in guiding SVT Fleet Solutions through industry changes and ensuring its success.”

The continual development of cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies has prompted Kelley and his team to approach fleet management with a nuanced approach. This includes partnering with OEMs, charging infrastructure providers, and software companies specializing in clean transportation solutions; leveraging telematics and data analytics to optimize operations; and putting a greater emphasis on sustainability planning and reporting.

“Overall, clean technology development has driven innovation and spurred the adoption of more sustainable practices within SVT Fleet Solutions,” said Kelley. “It has enabled us to offer eco-friendly alternatives, optimize fleet operations, and align with the evolving environmental priorities of their clients and the industry as a whole.”

To further differentiate the newly founded fleet management company, SVT Fleet Solutions provides comprehensive solutions across all aspects of fleet management, going beyond individual services and delivering a single-source approach that focuses on efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing fleet performance, while also delivering sustainability services.

SVT employs a range of strategies and solutions tailored to optimize each fleet’s efficiency and financial performance. Beginning with an analysis of a fleet’s operations, SVT identifies areas of improvement that will enhance efficiency and reduce costs, including route optimization, fuel efficiency improvements, and rightsizing fleets to eliminate underutilized vehicles. The company’s maintenance management program centers on preventive maintenance, predictive analytics, and strategic planning, reducing the overall likelihood of costly breakdowns and repairs. As fuel costs are a significant portion of fleet expenses, SVT employs advanced fuel management strategies to monitor fuel consumption, identify inefficiencies, and implement measures to reduce fuel waste.

Drawing on its industry expertise and extensive network, SVT is able to negotiate favorable contracts and rates with suppliers and vendors on each fleet’s behalf, leveraging its partnerships and economies of scale to secure competitive pricing for vehicle purchases, maintenance services, fuel, and other fleet-related expenses.

“We also explore alternative energy options, such as electric vehicles, to help fleet operators transition to more sustainable and cost-effective fuel alternatives,” adds Kelley.

The SVT team also analyzes data on fuel consumption, maintenance expenses, and other key metrics to identify trends and areas for improvement, enabling them to make informed decisions for their customers that optimize the cost-effectiveness of a fleet.

Working closely with its clients, SVT evaluates the fleet’s size and composition, identifying overcapacity or vehicles that no longer align with their operational needs. By rightsizing their operations, SVT eliminates unnecessary acquisition costs, leasing expenses, and ongoing maintenance and fuel expenses for underutilized vehicles.

SVT assists clients in managing the entire lifecycle of their fleet, from acquisition to disposition. By implementing effective vehicle replacement strategies and leveraging remarketing solutions, SVT can assist clients in maximizing the residual value of their vehicles while minimizing depreciation costs.

“The fleet management landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, with increasing demands for solutions that address complex challenges, particularly in sustainability and the practical implementation of emerging technologies,” added Kelley. “While other successful service providers excel in specific components of fleet management, such as maintenance, mobile services, or leasing, SVT’s core competency lies in its comprehensive approach to fleet management encompassing all essential components.”