From Puzzle to Plan: Solving an EV Future with Partnerships

June 27, 2022

No two electrification projects are identical, each one a puzzle for fleets to navigate and determine the charging infrastructure necessary to ensure a successful transition to zero-emission technology.

At Ideanomics, we accelerate the adoption of commercial electric vehicles by bringing together vehicles, charging, and energy solutions with design, implementation and financial services. Central to this transition is Ideanomics Energy — our one-stop charging and energy partner providing turnkey charging and energy solutions and services for fleet operators. With a thorough understanding of the, sometimes arduous, journey to electrification, we have developed strategies that minimize costs, increase reliability, and limit customer uncertainty.

Navigating the Complexity

The last few years have been bursting with EV-centric technological progress — from a mass movement towards EVs on the OEM level to expanding charging infrastructure solutions. Along the way, fleets have shown an increased interest in electrification, but many have encountered roadblocks with the numerous steps required to implement electric vehicles. The benefits of zero emissions and reduced fuel spending are quickly overshadowed by numerous mandatory site visits, local and county permit requirements, and ongoing interactions with the city officials, local utilities, and other related agencies.

Enter our team at Ideanomics Energy to support the entire journey for charging and energy infrastructure for fleet operators, from planning to hardware configuration, finance, installation and deployment. We offer a range of tailored and modular charging and energy products, including wireless inductive and conductive chargers, containerized mobile and modular battery storage systems, and renewable solar power generation. For those in need of funding, we offer grant and incentive management and financing options such as the subscription-based charging-as-a-service model. Our team tailors the design and engineering to meet each client’s requirements while also helping obtain the permits needed and completing the installation and commissioning of the charging and energy infrastructure. Fleets are also free from operational and maintenance worries, as we include back-office performance monitoring of the assets.

Accelerating Commercial EV Adoption: Peterbilt’s Partnership Plan

A recent partnership between commercial vehicle dealership Coast Counties Peterbilt, and Ideanomics Energy was announced in the effort to accelerate the adoption of commercial battery-electric vehicles on the West Coast. The agreement includes a Power Purchase Agreement complete with a Charging-as-a-Service component, Ideanomics Energy’s management software, and maintenance to support Coast Counties Peterbilt’s transition to electric fleet vehicles at four of their truck dealerships in Northern California.

The power purchase agreement includes a fixed energy rate for 25 years without the need for upfront capital, providing the dealership with stability in its energy prices for more than two decades. Permits for the charger installations and the necessary subcontractors to complete the installation will all be managed by Ideanomics Energy. In all, the team will set up solar panels, onsite battery storage, and five DC fast chargers at each of the four sites, which will be used when servicing customers’ battery-electric trucks and any dealer-owned vehicles.

Coast Counties Peterbilt initially approached GridMarket, a company that assesses project feasibility and recommends energy solutions to help clients determine the optimal mix of charging solutions with a reliable return on investment. As the commercial vehicle dealership did not want to purchase all the equipment outright, GridMarket put together a proposed suite of technologies and a power purchase agreement, then opened the project to bidders. Ideanomics Energy’s cost-competitive and streamlined process aligned with the project’s near- and long-term needs and goals and ultimately secured the bid.

From Solving a Puzzle to Making a Plan: Identifying Next Steps

A vision of an emissions-free future is the starting point for any fleet wanting to electrify. With the increasing need to decarbonize and the related legislation and regulations coming at the state and federal levels, the commercial transportation industry must get the ball rolling soon to meet some of these upcoming deadlines.

Some solution providers only provide one piece of the puzzle, many times without any idea of where or how to find the remaining pieces. We not only give you all the pieces but also help you put them together as much or as little as needed.

Join GNA, Ideanomics Energy, and its partners to learn more about creating an EV ecosystem during an upcoming webinar on August 3, 2022.