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LCFS Money

Generate Revenue with Clean Fuels

March 26, 2020For California fleets interested in transitioning to clean vehicles, LCFS can be a revenue generator to offset the higher costs.

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CARB Ahead of EPA in Bid to Establish NOx Rule for Heavy Trucks

January 24, 2020CARB has quickly forged its way ahead to come up with its own NOx rule, which likely will be presented to the CARB board as soon as this spring.

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Bloomberg proposes national clean-truck voucher program

January 22, 2020Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants to put back in place higher standards for truck emissions with the goal of electrifying 15% of the heavy-duty fleet by 2030.

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Business Case for Sustainability

January 15, 2020Leading fleets now recognize that low carbon transportation is not only going to be the price of admission in the near term, but a strategic differentiator and important selling point.

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Transportation Heavy Hitters Form ACT Fleet Forum

January 9, 2020Major U.S.-based fleets have joined together to form the ACT Fleet Forum, an educational initiative that allows participants to share best practices on clean transportation technologies.

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Renewable Gas 360 - Renewable Energy

Accelerating California’s Renewable Energy Economy

January 9, 2020The Renewable Gas 360 symposium has raised awareness among California's policymakers of the important role that renewable gases can and should play to build a long-term sustainable economy.

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ACT Expo Announces Agenda for 10th Annual Event

November 21, 2019GNA has released the full agenda for the 10th annual Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America’s largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event.

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Renewable Gas 360

Early Bird Registration Is Open for Renewable Gas 360

October 22, 2019Renewable Gas 360 brings together California policymakers, climate advocates, and renewable industry representatives to discuss the benefits of renewable gases.

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California Governor Takes Actions to Slash Vehicle Emissions

September 23, 2019Governor Gavin Newsom is making moves in support of reducing California’s transportation emissions.

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Regional Haul Truck

Factors Align to Make Regional Haul a Perfect Alt. Fuel Fit

July 29, 2019Regional haul is growing for a number of reasons including drivers’ desire to be home more often, the rise of e-commerce, and the advent of technologies such as GPS, load-matching, and big data.

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Volkswagen Settlement Funding

The Promise (and Potential Pitfall) of VW Settlement Funding

July 10, 2019Fortunately, the first round of VW funds was not a flash-in-the-pan. However, should states fail to consider fleets’ recommendations for the next rounds of funding, the Volkswagen Settlement Funds may be a one-hit-wonder.

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California and Canada Come Together to Advance Clean Transportation

June 26, 2019The State of California has formed a new partnership with Canada for the advancement of cleaner vehicles and fuels.

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N.C. Seeks Vehicle Replacement Proposals for VW Settlement Funds

June 18, 2019The North Carolina Division of Air Quality has issued two requests for proposals under phase one of the state’s Volkswagen Settlement Mitigation plan.

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It is time to protect California’s energy diversity

June 12, 2019Whether transitioning to electric vehicles or “de-carbonizing” buildings, the importance of a multipronged approach to renewable energy has gotten lost or ignored.

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To Double Down on Clean Energy, Remember These Initials: R&D&D

May 30, 2019The moment is ripe for R&D in clean energy—as well as deployment. A close look at energy efficiency policies should be first on the agenda.

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CARB Touts Success of California’s Clean Fuels Rule

May 20, 2019According to 2018 data from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), nearly 3.3 billion gallons of petroleum diesel have been displaced by clean, low-carbon alternatives in the state.

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