WPGA Announces Featured Speakers for Nation’s First Renewable Propane Conference

October 16, 2020

Photo: WPGA

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On November 4th, the Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) will virtually host the Path to Renewable Propane conference, the first event of its kind in the U.S. that is uniquely focused on propane derived from sustainable sources.

WPGA has set forth efforts to accelerate the commercialization of renewable propane in California.

Companies, legislators, and regulatory agencies are all pushing innovations that will reduce the carbon footprint for both the transportation and building sector. To support these efforts, WPGA has set forth efforts to accelerate the commercialization of renewable propane in California. Join WPGA at the Path to Renewable Propane virtual conference, which will address the next evolution of industry to deliver on decarbonization targets in these markets.

Here is a small glimpse of the industry leaders, consumers, retailers, and researchers that will share their thoughts about the next generation of renewable propane:

  • The event kicks off with California Assemblymember Jim Cooper sharing his thoughts on the importance of clean and affordable energy solutions for the state.
  • Eric Johnson, Managing Director of Atlantic Consulting, will address the various ways of creating renewable propane from sustainable feedstocks, including what’s available today and what’s on the horizon.
  • Stefan Unnasch, Managing Director of Life Cycle Associates, will provide a carbon markets 101 lesson for how carbon pricing can help provide the necessary financial incentive for renewable propane. This is an essential component of the fuel’s commercial trajectory in California that benefits both consumers and producers.
  • Oberon Fuels President and CEO Rebecca Boudreaux, Ph.D. will share a bit of her journey as a long-time advocate for renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) and the benefit that fuel brings, with a negative carbon footprint in the hundreds, as a fuel blend with propane. In 2018, the California Energy Commission awarded Oberon Fuels a multi-million dollar grant to produce rDME from dairy digesters.
  • Curtis Powers, Manager, Compliance, SCM, Renewable Energy Group (REG), will share insight into why REG, one of the leading producers of biofuels in the United States, became one of the earlier movers to produce renewable propane for distribution.
  • Bryan Sherbacow, Chief Commercial Officer of World Energy will discuss California’s potential to produce renewable propane in state. A leader in biofuels production, World Energy understands the obstacles facing nascent renewable fuels and advantages of producing multiple renewable solutions.
  • Jeff Stewart, President of Blue Star Gas, and Josh Simpson, Vice President of Marketing for Kamps Propane, will detail the challenges and opportunities they have experienced as retailers for renewable propane.
  • John Barnett, Propane Program Manager for U-Haul International will share more about the company’s recent announcement to purchase its first million gallons of renewable propane and how the biofuel fits within the company’s green initiative.
  • Gary Dodson, Manager of Fleet Maintenance for Elk Grove School District, will share why his school district took the plunge to use renewable propane to power their buses, along with the District’s real-world experience with the fuel and their future outlook.

Learn about the role you can play in a transformational shift in energy and decarbonization

With the increasing effects of climate change and the urgent actions the global community must take to address this existential threat, the time for the next generation of propane is now. Register today and learn from these thought leaders about the role you can play in a transformational shift in energy and decarbonization. Secure your tickets at http://bit.ly/RenewablePropaneConference.

The event is free for state agency staff and legislators. Industry members will receive a $50 discount when using the code ‘IndustryMember2020’ at checkout.