2021 Sustainable Fleets Report: Even More Insight on Clean Tech

January 19, 2021

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Last year, our State of Sustainable Fleets report gave the industry a one-of-its-kind look into the efforts that fleets across the country are making towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. The information we gathered showed that there is a definite push to greener technologies and the possibility of a zero-emission future.

In an effort to gain even more insight into the status of both current and upcoming clean vehicle technology adoption, we are again looking for fleets to help contribute to our 2021 State of Sustainable Fleets report.

The 2020 State of Sustainable Fleets report showed fleets across the country are pushing towards greener, clean technologies.

The report gathers real-world data directly from early-adopter fleets across the U.S. to provide deep sector-specific insights into the adoption of natural gas, propane, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The analysis looks at public, private, and for-hire fleets, including school, municipal/shuttle, urban delivery, refuse, utility, transit, short-haul, and long-haul sectors. This first-of-its-kind report includes unique insights into vehicle sales trends, anticipated vehicle development timelines, real-world infrastructure and fuel costs, and the growing adoption of renewable fuels.

Key Takeaway from Sustainable Fleets Report

A key takeaway from the 2020 report shows that all sustainable vehicle platforms included in the report are seeing growth in fleet use across medium- and heavy-duty fleet sectors. Furthermore, 98% of fleets surveyed last year expect to continue the same level or increase their use of sustainable vehicle technologies and fuels. While transit agencies are leading adopters of natural gas, BEVs, and even FCEVs, almost every medium- and heavy-duty fleet type the report assessed is using at least one of these clean technologies in growing numbers including delivery, school bus, refuse, and heavy-duty short haul fleets.

Fleets can help contribute to the 2021 State of Sustainable Fleets report that will offer insight into clean vehicle technology adoption.

The 2021 report will include updates on last year’s data, again focusing on natural gas, propane, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle fleet adoption now and in the future.

2021 survey link: https://www.stateofsustainablefleets.com/2021-survey/