Fuel / Technology: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Quebec’s green economy plan addresses RNG, bioenergy

November 19, 2020The 2030 PGE lays the groundwork for a green economic recovery and reiterates Quebec’s commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 37.5 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

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California natural gas vehicle fuel reaches carbon negative

November 16, 2020CARB data reveals the average carbon intensity of natural gas vehicle fuel in the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard program was negative for the first time in program history.

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CARB: CI of California’s NGV Fuel Portfolio Negative for First Time

November 13, 2020The energy weighted  carbon intensity  value of  California’s  natural gas vehicle fuel portfolio in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard program was below zero – at -0.85 g CO2e/MJ – according to recently released Q2 data from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) .

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California ban on diesel opens new front in hydrogen vs. electric trucking battle

November 12, 2020Another front opened in the battle to level the playing field for zero-emission vehicles this week when nine California legislators sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom urging him to take a “technology-neutral” approach to decarbonization and not focus the state’s transportation sector investments solely on battery-electric vehicles, especially in medium- and heavy-duty trucking.

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San Antonio transit agency will fuel over 500 buses with renewable gas

November 11, 2020CPS Energy and VIA Metropolitan Transit (the mass transit agency serving San Antonio, Texas) announced details about a new fuel supply partnership that will provide renewable natural gas created by landfill biogas to VIA’s fleet of over 500 buses, beginning in 2021.

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New Jersey: study shows biomethane refuse trucks outdo EV equivalents

November 9, 2020NGVAmerica released another study at its Annual Industry Summit presenting a compelling case for why communities should continue to invest in new near-zero natural gas technology.

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Oregon-based transit agency chooses biomethane to power its fleet

November 5, 2020U.S. Gain will supply renewable natural gas to Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) for use within their fleet of buses.

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ACT Virtual “Ultra Clean HD Vehicle Summit” – Nov. 17 & 19

November 5, 2020ACT Virtual brings vehicle manufacturers, technology suppliers, and fleets to share what the future holds for HD vehicles and technologies.

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Making the VW Diesel Mitigation Fund Live Up to Its Promise

November 4, 2020Nearly $3 billion is available in VW grants to replace old diesel vehicles based on NOx reduction, but emissions models are inaccurate.

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Renewable fuel powers Class 8 truck

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Western Milling and Kruse Western Renewable Fuels Unveil First CNG Station

November 4, 2020Kruse Western Renewable Fuels opens its first CNG station in Central California, providing renewable natural gas to fuel trucks.

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SoCalGas Now Dispensing California-Produced RNG at its Fueling Stations

October 30, 2020Southern California Gas Co. is dispensing California-produced renewable natural gas at many of the natural gas fueling stations it operates across the state.

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Cherriots Enters RNG Supply Contract with U.S. Gain

October 29, 2020Cherriots has entered a renewable natural gas supply agreement with U.S. Gain, a renewable fuel provider that specializes in acquiring low or negative cost RNG for medium- and heavy-duty fleets throughout the U.S.

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Emmissions reduction targets illustrated

Choosing the Right Road to Lower Emissions Today

October 28, 2020Analyses of public-funded Fleet Transition Programs show that RCNG/RLNG vehicles are key to meeting strict emissions reduction targets.

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Oregon Gov. praises state’s cleanest bus fleet that runs on biomethane

October 28, 2020Cherriots, also known as Salem Area Mass Transit District (SAMTD), is now Oregon’s cleanest public transit fleet now that it is using renewable natural gas.

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RVTD Selects U.S. Gain to Supply RNG to Fleet of Buses

October 27, 2020U.S. Gain has been selected to supply RNG to Rogue Valley Transportation District, a public transportation provider in the Rogue Valley region of Oregon, for use within their fleet of buses.

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Aemetis Begins Production of Dairy Biogas

October 23, 2020Aemetis Inc., an advanced renewable fuel and biochemicals company, says it is producing dairy biogas from the first two dairies in a 17 dairy digester biogas project.

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