ACT Expo Comes to a Historic Conclusion

May 13, 2022

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At the end of the final day, ACT Expo 2022 surpassed the previous year’s event by more than 3,000 attendees with more than 8,500 industry stakeholders signing up for the event.

A handful of partner sessions, combined with some half-day events, made for a great send off to the Long Beach Convention Center, ACT Expo’s home for more than a decade. Next year, the event will be moving down the road to the Anaheim Convention Center, May 1-4, 2023.

The Electrification Coalition kicked off the final day with a workshop on maximizing the upcoming federal electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure funding that states will see as a result of the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Infrastructure was also the focal point of the EV Charging Event, which featured speakers from Prologis, FedEx Ground, NFI, and PepsiCo discussing successful large fleet EV charging deployments.

The North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE) discussed the Run on Less – Electric event, which was completed in the fall of 2021. NACFE issued four market segment reports leading up to ACT Expo, which were highlighted throughout the session.

Natural gas and hydrogen also made an appearance during the final day of sessions during the Natural Gas Vehicle Renaissance: Innovations & Opportunities and Long Haul Hydrogen Trucking – A Liquid Future sessions. This three-part natural gas workshop covered the technological improvements in natural gas vehicles, the long-time benefits fleets have experienced using the technology, and fleet case studies from users who continue to “double down” on adoption. The California Hydrogen Business Council’s workshop presented attendees a look into the future of hydrogen fuel cell long haul trucking and the use of liquid hydrogen.