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DOT’s Elaine Chao Announces ADAS, Connected Technology Programs

January 16, 2020Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced several initiatives relating to connected vehicle technologies and advanced driver assistance systems before a crowd of industry representatives Jan. 15.

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Transportation Heavy Hitters Form ACT Fleet Forum

January 9, 2020Major U.S.-based fleets have joined together to form the ACT Fleet Forum, an educational initiative that allows participants to share best practices on clean transportation technologies.

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Navistar Taps Telematics to Gain Intelligence on Truck Rivals

December 17, 2019Navistar uses its OnCommand Connection digital fleet-management tool to gain critical business intelligence about the performance of rival truck companies.

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Shell Looks at the Future of Fuel

November 27, 2019The company is making a compelling case for the future of new fuel and powertrain technologies.  

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The Future of Fleet is Here, at ACT Expo

November 20, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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How connectivity leads to efficiency in trucking

November 6, 2019Connectivity via telematics devices, vehicle sensors, mobile devices and more, provides fleets with a wealth of information about how the truck is behaving.

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How Can Connectivity Improve Trucking Efficiencies?

Learn how connectivity can improve trucking efficiency in this one-hour webinar, presented in partnership with NACFE.

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Connecting to the future

October 8, 2019The latest advances in vehicle data access and how they’re helping to streamline fleet maintenance practices.

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Geotab for Mack Trucks Delivers ELD, Compliance Data

October 7, 2019Mack Trucks announced Geotab Drive for Mack Trucks, which leverages cloud computing via Geotab to deliver reliable ELD and compliance services.

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Analysis: The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Fuel Consumption

October 1, 2019The rapid advancement of autonomous vehicle technologies means tomorrow’s public roads will be vastly different from today’s.

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USPS investigating drone delivery options

October 1, 2019The US Postal Service (USPS) wants feedback from drone operators that could provide drone capability to the agency as it looks to advance its mail delivery fleet.

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How Connected Tech Can Save Fleet Managers Time and Money

September 30, 2019Telematics has been the secret sauce of fleet management for years. Being able to provide service when needed is key to running a successful, economical and cost-effective fleet.

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Regional Haul Fleet - UPS

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Is Regional Haul Fertile Ground for New Technology?

September 24, 2019During Run on Less Regional, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency will host three technology days to look at how hydrogen, connectivity, and electric vehicles fit into regional haul applications.

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Self-Driving Trucks: A Reality Check

September 20, 2019No discussion of the future of the trucking industry is complete without considering the advance of automated driving technology, and how it might support the movement of freight.

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DOT Announces $60 Million in Grants for Automated Projects

September 18, 2019The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced $60 million in awards to research groups and state departments of transportation that are exploring projects related to vehicle automation.

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Truck OEMs Say Connectivity Will Drive Future Enhancements

September 18, 2019The growth of connected truck technology is paving the way for future services and enhancing product development, according to representatives from four truck manufacturers.

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