Fuel / Technology: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Long-Haul Fleet Rolling Out Hybrid CNG Trucks

October 29, 2020Hyliion Inc. says it has equipped Canada-based for-hire carrier C.A.T. Transport’s fleet with five of its Class 8 hybrid compressed natural gas systems.

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Emmissions reduction targets illustrated

Choosing the Right Road to Lower Emissions Today

October 28, 2020Analyses of public-funded Fleet Transition Programs show that RCNG/RLNG vehicles are key to meeting strict emissions reduction targets.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Oregon Gov. praises state’s cleanest bus fleet that runs on biomethane

October 28, 2020Cherriots, also known as Salem Area Mass Transit District (SAMTD), is now Oregon’s cleanest public transit fleet now that it is using renewable natural gas.

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Virtual Pipeline Trailer

Bringing Clean Fuel Where It Is Needed Most

October 26, 2020When fueling at a public CNG station isn’t realistic, and a private station isn’t feasible, fleets don't need to fall back on diesel technology.

New alliance will improve Class 8 trucks access to biomethane in U.S.

October 20, 2020Hyliion Inc. and American Natural Gas, Inc. (ANG) have signed a partnership agreement that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas at ANG fueling stations across the country.

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Beverage container recycling firm adds Canada’s first CNG hybrid truck

October 9, 2020In a pilot project launching in October, Return-It is beginning the decarbonization of its transportation fleet in British Columbia by introducing Canada’s first-of-its-kind CNG hybrid-electric compaction truck.

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Hyliion’s secret sauce isn’t electricity, it’s managing its use

October 8, 2020Hyliion points to natural gas fueling the on-board generator that makes electricity to power heavy-duty hybrid trucks. But the real mojo is unseen algorithms that manage the power for better fuel efficiency.

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Global Feed Ecotrans will have a 90% natural gas powered fleet next year

October 6, 2020The history of Global Feed Ecotrans begins in 2013, the result of the union of two companies with more than two centuries of experience in the transport sector: Traginers del Vendrell S.L. and Transportes Ojechar, S.L. Together with IVECO, they share the same objective: the search for sustainable and efficient road transport.

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Freight companies exhibit near-zero NGVs in Port of Long Beach parade

October 6, 2020Southern California trucking companies have proudly showcased their near-zero-emission (NZE) natural gas vehicles in a clean truck parade to commemorate the opening of the new Port of Long Beach bridge.

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Clean Truck Procession Opens New Port of Long Beach Bridge

October 5, 2020A procession of clean, zero-emissions and near-zero-emissions drayage trucks were a highlight of ceremonies marking the opening of the new bridge at the Port of Long Beach.

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Near-Zero Emission Natural Gas Trucks Showcased By Fleets in Port of Long Beach Clean Truck Parade

October 5, 2020On Friday October 2nd, several Southern California trucking companies showcased their near-zero-emission natural gas trucks in a clean truck parade to commemorate the opening of the new Port of Long Beach bridge.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Trillium Fuel Partner

A Transparent Fueling Partner

October 2, 2020While fleets are under pressure to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and cut costs, Trillium offers flexible, smart and fleet-centric pricing for all alternative fuels.

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Can’t Miss Fleet Education with ACT Virtual

October 2, 2020ACT Virtual spotlights the latest trends and technology advancements in the advanced transportation sector with an online educational series.

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Canadian agency BC Transit adds 60 CNG buses to Victoria’s fleet in 2020

October 2, 2020This year, 60 CNG buses have been added to the BC Transit’s Victoria Regional Transit System fleet, providing a quieter, greener transit experience, and reducing the average fleet age. 25 new medium-duty CNG buses have now been activated in Victoria, joining 35 heavy-duty CNG vehicles that also replaced existing aging buses in February.

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Wegmans adds CNG truck with Hyliion powertrain to pull tandem trailer sets

September 30, 2020Wegmans, in partnership with Hyliion, has added a truck powered by compressed natural gas to its fleet equipped with the Hyliion Hybrid CNG system, allowing it to pull tandem trailer sets — a task previously only possible with Wegmans’ diesel trucks.

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Truck demo program image

New Truck Demo Program Launches in California’s Central Valley

September 23, 2020The largest truck demo program of its kind in California is set to start this October in the Central Valley with 30 demo vehicles available.

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