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Shell Ventures, Valent Low-Carbon Technologies invest in Forge

February 18, 2020Forge Hydrocarbons Corp., a Canadian biofuel start-up, announces an equity investment from Shell Ventures and a follow-on contribution from Valent Low-Carbon Technologies, which will help build a first-of-its-kind CAD$30 million commercial-scale, biofuel production plant in Sombra, Ontario.

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Reforming Renewable Fuel Standard major task for NATSO

February 10, 2020NATSO, the trade group for highway travel center operators, is trying to preserve subsidies for biodiesel that let members profitably sell cleaner-burning fuel while planning what to do when the $1per blended gallon of biodiesel tax credit expires in 2022.

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Air Pollutants

ACT 101: Are All Air Pollutants the Same?

February 6, 2020Greenhouse gas emissions are often considered interchangeable with air pollutants. Both interact in the air, but in distinctly different ways.

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An Electric Future and the Messy Middle: What You Need to Know Now

Watch the recorded webinar in collaboration with NACFE on the future of freighting.

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EPA considering more truck emissions regs

January 15, 2020EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Monday announced an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM), part of the Trump EPA’s Cleaner Trucks Initiative.

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Delta enters offtake agreement with Gevo for aviation biofuel

December 18, 2019Under a long-term offtake agreement, Delta will purchase 10 million gallons per year of advanced renewable biofuels from Gevo Inc.

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Alternative Fuel Options Continue Growth in Minnesota

December 9, 2019The number of alternative fuel stations in Minnesota grew at a strong pace in 2019, and the state now has 1,505 public and private stations listed on the U.S. DOE’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

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The Future of Fleet is Here, at ACT Expo

November 20, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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Simplify Your Fuel Decision with Biodiesel

November 1, 2019Biodiesel is effective at reducing harmful emissions while maintaining high performance and ease of use.

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Trend Alert: Diesel Engines Will Power America for a Long Time with the Help of Cleaner-Burning Biodiesel

June 4, 2019With the prevalence of diesel engines, biodiesel blends are a cost-effective solution for fleets that want to cut emissions.

Road to Low Carbon Fuel Standard

More States Follow California’s Lead with Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs

May 9, 2019California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard program has made an impression on other states and regions as they attempt to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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2019 ACT Expo Fleet Awards

April 30, 2019ACT Expo Fleet Awards are the ultimate recognition of fleets and individuals who show true leadership in transportation, having gone above and beyond what has been required to tirelessly pursue sustainability in their fleet operations.

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ACT Expo 2019: Speaker Line Up Announced

April 2, 2019The 2019 ACT Expo will bring together over 200 industry expert speakers through a series of workshops, technical sessions, and co-located partner events.

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ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Explores Greening Aviation

March 29, 2019ACT Expo is adding a new workshop to its 2019 agenda exploring incentives, technologies, and policies that are spurring a ‘greening’ of the aviation industry.

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ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Helps Fleets Meet the Vehicle Maintenance Challenges Ahead

March 27, 2019A new ACT Expo workshop covers how to successfully recruit, train, and develop teams to support commercial transportation's evolving workforce needs.

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A Drop-In Alternative Fuel for Fleets

March 26, 2019For fleets interested in replacing petroleum diesel with a cleaner fuel alternative, biodiesel is a drop-in replacement, with no expensive vehicle or equipment upgrades required and which typically costs less than petroleum diesel.