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Andrea Pratt Driving EV

Image: Seattle Parks & Recreation

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Seattle Proudly Advocates for Alternative Fuels

November 20, 2018Andrea Pratt with the City of Seattle shared her mission to mitigate climate change and electrify the transportation sector at large.

Battery Electric Truck in City

Image: Fuso

Battery Electric Vehicle Growth Driven by E-Commerce

November 14, 2018E-commerce is changing trucking, with greater focus on last mile delivery, a trend that may accelerate the adoption of battery electric trucks.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Diverse Approach in California can Reverse Troubling Climate Protection and Air Quality Trends

November 13, 2018In California, the transportation sector has seen an increase in climate pollutants over the past several years. Learn how a diverse policy approach can curtail pollutants from the state’s largest greenhouse gas source.


Image: NGVA

Road Rally for NGVs Highlights Benefits of Natural Gas in Transportation

November 7, 2018NGVAmerica launched the 2018 Drive Natural Gas Road Rally for NGVs in October on the East Coast, to conclude at their 30th Annual Meeting in Palm Springs.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

ACT Expo Keynote Roger Nielsen

Image: ACT Expo

ACT Expo Announces Industry Visionary as 2019 Keynote

November 7, 2018ACT Expo is North America’s leading conference and expo showcasing real-world application of the latest transportation technologies and clean fuels.

ACT Expo

Image: Adobe Stock

RNG from Waste (the Next Gold Rush?)

November 1, 2018Renewable natural gas (RNG) is being produced by innovative waste collection companies from the trash they collect each day, and used to fuel their trucks.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles - truck

Image: Toyota

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Future Is Promising for Heavy-Duty Trucks

October 31, 2018Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are getting more buzz in heavy-duty trucking. Gain insight into the benefits, barriers, and recent exciting developments of FCVs.


Image: ACT Expo

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: ROUSH CleanTech Calif. Roadshow to Showcase Near-Zero Engine

October 24, 2018Todd Mouw, President of ROUSH CleanTech, shared how commitment to the needs of customers drives innovation across their alternative fuel platforms.

EV Charging Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Image: Clean Communities of Central New York

EV Charging Infrastructure on Fast Track in New York State

October 24, 2018EV charging infrastructure in New York State is expanding rapidly due to funding programs that support public access to EV chargers.

Clean Communities of Central New York (CC of CNY)

Hydrogen fueling dispenser in a photo

Image: CEC

National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day Showcased Progress, Innovation

October 18, 2018The National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day was celebrated October 8, 2018 with huge success, demonstrating hydrogen technologies and fuel cells are here to stay.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)

DC Fast Chargers and Volvo EV Refuse Truck in Photo

Image: Volvo Trucks

Slow Permitting of DC Fast Chargers Impacts EV Growth

October 17, 2018DC Fast Chargers are essential to enabling a “gas-station-like experience” to promote EV adoption, but the permitting process needs to be streamlined.


The First VW Settlement Projects Have Been Funded

October 11, 2018With recent announcements by Louisiana and Pennsylvania kicking off the first rounds of VW funding awards, now is the time to apply for funds.


New California Laws Advancing Clean Heavy-Duty Transportation Show Value of Collective Action, Business Participation

October 10, 2018A recent California legislative session was a win for NGVs and green fleets, advancing clean heavy-duty transportation legislation.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

Photo of hydrogen fueling a car

Image: H2 MOBILITY // Felix Krumbholz

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: A Global Update

October 4, 2018Hydrogen fuel cell technology has advanced worldwide, but countries are prioritizing different sectors—from light & heavy duty vehicles, to ships & trains.

California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC)

Ed Vogel photo of Vego-V RCNG Fueling Station

Image: Ed Vogel // Vogel Holding Inc.

A Unique Approach to Renewable Fuel Market Development in Western Pennsylvania

October 2, 2018Ed Vogel of Vogel Holding Inc./Seneca Landfill discusses how Vogel became the first company in Pennsylvania to refine landfill gas into RNG for vehicle fuel.

California bills being signed by Gov. Brown on Enhydra Ferry

Image: CA Senate

Gov. Brown Helps Make California’s Transportation Sector Cleaner Before Sailing into the Sunset

September 27, 2018Governor Jerry Brown signed a parcel of clean transportation bills during his Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco the week of September 10th.