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Octillion debuts new EV battery leasing plan

December 16, 2020Octillion Power Systems has announced a new demo program that allows fleet customers to lease batteries when they purchase vehicles.

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Essential Utilities Pilots Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Program

December 14, 2020Essential Utilities, a water and gas utility company based in Pennsylvania, launched a hybrid-electric vehicle pilot program in partnership with XL Fleet for its two most popular commercial GM vehicle platforms.

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Ford still working on fuel cell while banking largely on all-electric

December 2, 2020During the recent reveal for the all-electric 2022 Ford Transit, Ford CEO and President Jim Farley made it clear that his company was on board with all-electric vehicles, California-style. “This is the path we’re on,” Farley said during the Nov. 12 virtual event.

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First look: Ford E-Transit all-electric commercial van

November 16, 2020Ford changed CV market van expectations when it introduced the full-size Transit to North America, with the proven European design replacing the venerable and best-selling Ford E-Series in 2015.

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Electrification Coalition report: barriers and solutions to accelerate adoption of electric trucks in freight sector

November 13, 2020The Electrification Coalition released a new report that identifies solutions and actions that industry stakeholders should take to help the United States accelerate the adoption of electric trucks in the freight sector.

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News: Ford Introduces E-Transit Commercial EV

November 13, 2020Ford previewed the upcoming electric version of its best-selling Transit van, putting down a marker for the company in the exploding commercial EV market. The 2022 Ford E-Transit, due to arrive in late 2021, will start at about $46,000 and offer 126 miles of range in its most efficient version. It rear-wheel drive electric motor...

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Ford Announces Michigan Investments, Plans to Debut New Electric Van

November 10, 2020Ford’s newest electric vehicle — a commercial van called the E-Transit — will be unveiled by the company Nov. 12, assembled at Ford’s Kansas City, Mo., plant and be available by late 2021.

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LEVC starts production of electric van VN5

November 9, 2020LEVC has started production of its new electric van, VN5. The new model is designed, engineered and manufactured at LEVC’s plant in Ansty, Coventry—the UK’s only dedicated electric vehicle factory.

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Lightning Systems Expands, Renames Company

October 20, 2020Lightning Systems, a provider of complete electrification solutions for commercial fleets, says it is expanding and renaming the company to Lightning eMotors, effective immediately.

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Workhorse gets $200 million to advance electric van production

October 12, 2020Workhorse Group is selling $200 million in new debt to build up cash it needs to increase production of its electric delivery vans. It is also converting a more expensive note to new stock.

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Amazon unveils its new electric delivery vans built by Rivian

October 8, 2020Amazon unveiled its first all-electric delivery van on Thursday. The vehicle, built by EV startup Rivian, will come with state-of-the-art technology, like sensing equipment and an advanced driver-assist system.

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Fluid Truck Orders 600 Lightning Electric Trucks & Vans

October 8, 2020Fluid Truck, a national truck rental platform, will incorporate 600 Lightning Electric vehicles onto its platform, with availability starting in the fourth quarter.

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U-Haul Purchases First Million Gallons of Renewable Propane

October 6, 2020U-Haul has unveiled its latest green initiative with the purchase of its first million gallons of renewable propane, which is available to customers at U-Haul autogas facilities across Southern California.

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Lion’s electric trucks lean on road-tested tech

September 29, 2020Canadian EV company draws on experience with battery-powered school buses to develop Lion8 for urban deliveries.

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Electrifying California Cars Could Crush the Grid, or Save It

September 28, 2020Electrifying all new cars in California could be an immense burden on the state’s struggling power grid — or a whole new line of defense against blackouts.

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Workhorse operations and build dealer network

August 31, 2020Workhorse Group is looking to Hitachi to assess its manufacturing and supply chain operations to help speed up electric delivery truck production.

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