SEA Electric Highlights Latest Development of SV6 EV Chassis

May 10, 2022

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SEA Electric showcased some leading-edge developments for its SV6 EV stripped chassis, building upon the the recent announcement at Work Truck Week.

The proprietary SEA-Drive power-system, which offers numerous range, driving performance, weight, and environmental benefits, boasts zero emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, or nitrous oxide. This application of medium-voltage architecture and no requirement for active thermal management of batteries, SEA Electric’s solution is lightweight, cost-effective, and efficient system available for the last-mile delivery sector.

“Major fleets across the country that utilize a step van platform understand that zero-emissions power-systems are now proven and the way forward,” said Tony Fairweather, founder and CEO of SEA Electric.“With the SEA SV6 EV, we bring to the market a complete package that offers all of the functionality required from these vehicles, complete with a proven, reliable all-electric architecture that leads the industry.

Powered by the SEA-Drive 120b power-system, the SV6 EV covers applications with a GVWR up to 22,000lbs (Class 6), with its 335 hp and 2,580 lb-ft performance ratings. The 138kWh battery pack for the platform delivers a range of up to 170 miles, while also capable of being configured for fast charging at up to 80kW.

The system also offers vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities, telematics, back-end portal and integrated digital instrument cluster from Valid, EV-specific tires with a low rolling resistance, and an angular sensor on the electric power steering system, which actively conserves power.

Durability testing of the chassis is set to commence in Q3 2022, with volume assembly to begin in Q1 2023. Conditional orders are currently being accepted.