An Electric Future and the Messy Middle: What You Need to Know Now

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Trucking is at the start of significant changes in powertrains. Fleets face a litany of evolving choices such as improved diesels and natural gas, a seemingly endless array of hybrid technologies including fuel cells, and a variety of electric technologies including battery electric and catenary wire electric. When fuels are branded variously as “green”, “clean”, “near-zero emission”, and “renewable”—with no clear agreement on what these terms mean—how do you begin to decipher what’s best for your fleet?

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The takeaways and industry challenges from The North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s (NACFE) recently released Guidance Report: Viable Class 7/8 Electric, Hybrid and Alternative Fueled Vehicles.
  • What the report’s primary conclusion—that the future is electric—means for fleets today and what the “messy middle” is in the interim.
  • Lessons from industry leaders that have, and will, be making significant decisions on which of these technologies are best for them.

Webinar speakers:

  • UPS – Mike McDonald, Director, Sustainability and Government Affairs
  • Schneider – Rob Reich, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Daimler – Alex Voets, eMobility Product and Sales Strategy Manager
  • NACFE – Mike Roeth, Executive Director


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