Delivering on the Promise for Zero-Emission Goods Movement

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Fuel cell electric vehicles continue to see increased attention year over year as a promising solution to replace internal combustion engines in goods movement and other energy intensive applications. Hydrogen station development, new vehicle launches, and fleet deployments continue to increase at a steady pace, with significant growth expected in the near term as policymakers around the world continue to announce their intent to introduce mandates for zero-tailpipe emissions.

Watch this recorded webinar to celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day:

  • Learn how fuel cell technologies can enable commercial fleets to meet sustainability and regulatory compliance objectives
  • Understand how fuel cell engines work, including the impact on vehicle and operator performance (fuel economy, range, emissions, up time, driver experience)
  • Gain insight from a global delivery fleet that has been successfully testing fuel cell-powered electric delivery vans
  • Learn why October 8 is “National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day”

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The architect of modern hydrogen and fuel cell technology, Plug Power is the innovator that has taken hydrogen and fuel cell technology from concept to commercialization with solutions designed to increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints in a reliable, cost-effective way. Extending its reach into the on-road electric vehicle market, Plug Power’s ProGen platform of modular fuel cell engines empowers OEMs and system integrators to rapidly adopt hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Larry Pitts

Director of Mechanical Design

Plug Power

Phillip Galbach

Project Engineering Specialist, Global Vehicles