How to Succeed with Pilot and Production-Scale Transit Electric Bus Fleet Deployments – Part 2: From Pilot Project to Large-Scale Deployment

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Avoid costly mistakes in the transition to fleet electrification. No matter the project size, a well-defined charging infrastructure plan is critical. 

Join us for a two-part webinar series to hear two transit fleets offer insight into their unique experiences with bus electrification from both pilot and large-scale deployments.

Part 2: From Pilot Project to Large-Scale Deployment

As transit fleets move from pilot projects into mass adoption of battery electric buses, there are lessons to be learned from the data center and solar industries – deploying high-powered electrical infrastructure at scale, with high reliability and low cost. These lessons will maximize cost savings and ensure buses are consistently charged and ready for their routes.

Gain real-world insight from Anaheim Transportation Network, a transit fleet that has successfully navigated this transition with 46 battery electric buses while breaking ground on a new all-electric transit depot.

  • Develop an optimal charging strategy based on drive cycle and duty cycle
  • Reduce your CapEx through funding programs and partnerships
  • Minimize charging costs by reducing exposure to demand and time-of-use charges
  • Create certainty in your charging infrastructure performance and electric “refueling” OpEx budget

This is the second installment in a two part webinar series. Click here to watch the recording of part 1: “The Smart Way to Execute a Successful Pilot Project.”

Diana Kotler

Diana Kotler

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Andrew Bui

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