Overcoming Challenges of a Warming Planet: Policies and Technologies to Enable Green Hydrogen

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Nowadays, energy resiliency and reliability is on the minds of millions of Americans. The consequences of climate change – wildfires in the west, hurricanes in the south, and flooding in the Midwest and Northeast – have left scores without power and in grave danger in sweltering heat. The need for massive investment in decentralized, decarbonized and sustainable power has never been greater. Fuel cells, fed by renewable hydrogen, can help provide the foundation for a more secure and climate friendly energy future.

During this 75-minute webinar, in partnership with Bloom Energy, learn about:

  • How green hydrogen can help decarbonize hard to decarbonize sectors
  • The policies needed at the federal and state level to help scale up renewable hydrogen and promote fuel cells
  • What utilities are doing to develop local and regional solutions to grid reliability based on fuel cell technology
  • What businesses and investors are spearheading to advance these solutions

The Renewable Gas 360 webinar series will provide continuous curriculum on the critical role renewable gases—renewable hydrogen, methane, propane and syngas—can play in helping states reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve carbon neutrality.

The webinar series is hosted by SoCalGas, Propane Education & Research Council, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Sponsors include Air Products, Anaergia, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Bloom Energy, BP, California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership, CR&R, Fuel Cell Energy, GTI, Ingevity, Meridiam, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District, Southwest Gas, and SunGas Renewables.

The webinar series is co-produced by ACT News, GNA, and the Bioenergy Association of California. Endorsing organizations include Advanced Power & Energy Program at UC Irvine, American Biogas Council, California Fuel Cell Partnership, California Hydrogen Business Council, California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative, Climate Resolve, Community Partners, the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Energy Vision, Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association, and Green Hydrogen Coalition.

Paul Wilkins

Vice President for Federal Policy

Bloom Energy

Donald Chahbazpour

Donald Chahbazpour

Director of Regulatory Strategy – Future of Heat

National Grid

Lisa Jacobson

Lisa Jacobson


Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Albert Burgunder

Albert Burgunder

Director: Clean Hydrogen

Linde Inc.