How Renewable Gases Can Help Decentralize the Grid: Fuel Cells and Microgrids

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Recent events in California demonstrate the fragility of a centralized electrical grid ill-prepared for the electrical demands of a greenhouse gas ravaged climate. Old paradigms of energy management must be discarded and reimagined, with low-and-no emission technologies that harness these low carbon fuels being central to rethinking the grid. In this webinar, we will showcase fuel cells and microgrids, and hear from the pioneers who can help usher in a carbon neutral electrical system that make rolling black outs, power safety shut offs and dirty diesel generators a relic of the past.

Watch the recording of this Renewable Gas 360 webinar to:

  • Learn how renewable gas powered fuel cells can help foster a more resilient and reliable electric grid
  • Hear how microgrid developers are harnessing fuels cells to provide stable, low carbon power to their customers
  • Gain insight into the policies that local and state governments can implement to accelerate the proliferation of climate friendly microgrids powered by virtually zero emission fuel cells

Katrina Fritz

Executive Director

California Stationary Fuel Collaborative

Venkat Venkataraman

Executive Vice President, Engineering & Chief Technology Officer

Bloom Energy

Jorge Elizondo

Chief Technology Officer

Heila Technologies

Frank Wolak

Senior Vice President, Sales - Americas

FuelCell Energy