Up to 97% CO2-Free Now, No Compromise

September 21, 2023

Westport Fuel Systems is an industry leader in creating complete alternative fuel system solutions for cleaner mobility. The Westport HPDI™ fuel system allows OEMs and fleets to keep their internal combustion engines while using LNG, CNG, RNG, or H2 fuels. HPDI meets emissions regulations right now, achieving up to 97% CO2-free performance leveraging existing technologies. That means familiarity for OEMs and fleets alike. Vehicle manufacturers can utilize the same engine architecture, manufacturing, and supply chain, while fleets benefit from operating and maintaining a familiar technology.

Westport also offers heavy-duty hydrogen components for fuel cell systems, from high pressure tank valves to low pressure electronic fuel control. Whichever solution best fits your need, Westport alternative fuel systems support a sustainable path to decarbonization. Westport Fuel Systems. Driving Cleaner Performance.