Montgomery County Drives the Future of Sustainable, Resilient Mass Transit

October 6, 2022

When extreme weather disrupted power for days in Montgomery County, Maryland, civic leaders sought to strengthen their community’s resilience while simultaneously pursuing more ambitious sustainability goals. And they did it with the Brookville Smart Energy Bus Depot, improving vital elements of infrastructure with on-site energy solutions expertly managed by a long-term partner, AlphaStruxure.


  • Convert diesel buses to electric and power this new electric fleet using a smart microgrid solution to help the County become net zero by 2035.
  • Provide stable, resilient power in a region increasingly susceptible to severe weather due to climate change.
  • Find a long-term partner to design, build, own, operate, and maintain an on-site microgrid, charging infrastructure, and other equipment to ensure uninterrupted transit bus services.


  • Montgomery County leveraged its progressive energy purchasing regulations to create a public-private partnership with AlphaStruxure to design, build, finance, own, and operate the Microgrid, providing a holistic solution for large-scale fleet electrification
  • The 6.5 MW Microgrid can support 70 electric buses and integrates solar photovoltaic canopies, renewable natural gas ready on-site generation, battery energy storage, microgrid controls, and electric bus chargers, ensuring the fleet’s continuous operation regardless of utility outages
  • The solution is delivered at no upfront cost to the County through a long-term Energy as a Service agreement, ensuring predictable operating expenses and guaranteed performance for sustainability, resilience, and reliability


  • AlphaStruxure’s Energy as a Service model and integrated Microgrid helped Montgomery County become a leader in fleet electrification and a sustainability archetype for local governments across the country — all with zero capital outlay.
  • On-site renewable energy generation and battery energy storage solutions provide peace of mind for the County’s 1.1 million residents, ensuring buses can operate in the event of a main grid outage.
  • This project also advances the County’s goal of reducing carbon emissions 80% by 2027, and 100% by 2035

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