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Emmissions reduction targets illustrated

Choosing the Right Road to Lower Emissions Today

October 28, 2020Analyses of public-funded Fleet Transition Programs show that RCNG/RLNG vehicles are key to meeting strict emissions reduction targets.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Stena gives Volvo bus batteries a second life

October 6, 2020A new agreement between Volvo Buses and Stena Recycling subsidiary Batteryloop will give second lives to used EV batteries.

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CALACT Enables Easy Purchase of Phoenix Motorcars’ ZEUS Vehicles

October 2, 2020Phoenix Motorcars’ ZEUS Zero Emission Shuttles was selected as an eligible vehicle by the Morongo Basin Transit Authority and California Association for Coordinated Transportation purchasing cooperative.

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The Roadmap to True Zero: Targeting not only CO2 but aviation’s total environmental impact

September 28, 2020Through the COVID crisis, it has been extremely heartening to see the aviation and aerospace sectors continue to focus on and, in some cases, redouble their commitment to decarbonisation, writes Nikhil Sachdeva of global strategy consulting firm Roland Berger.

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Propane Autogas School Bus Success Translates to Commercial Fleets

September 15, 2020School bus fleets are successfully transitioning to propane autogas, which shows this energy source can also be used in commercial fleets.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

Heavy-Duty EVs from Daimler

Image: Freightliner

Early Adopters of Heavy-Duty EVs

September 9, 2020As more fleets look to medium- and heavy-duty EVs, they can benefit from the lessons learned by early adopters of EV deployments.

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Trucking image of electric truck

Image: Volvo Trucks

Trucking: Clean Fuels, Heavy Loads and Prospects for Cleaner Fuels in Freight Fleets

September 4, 2020Will trucking fleets still move forward in these uncertain times with plans for clean-fuel rollouts? We strongly suspect the answer is yes.

Metropolitan Energy Center

Lion Electric Gets 50-Truck Order From CN Rail

August 31, 2020The Lion Electric Co. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CN Rail to acquire 50 zero-emission battery-electric drayage tractors. CN says it will place the trucks into last-mile urban service in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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Zero-Emission Truck Images

Image: ACT News

Regional Haul, Zero-Emission Heavy-Duty Tractors: Follow up Q&A from an ACT News Webinar

August 26, 2020Read a Q&A follow up to the August 6 ACT News webinar with NACFE, NREL and Ballard - Keeping it Real: Regional Haul, Zero-Emission, Heavy-Duty Tractors.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

TCO evaluates costs for EVs

Image: Chanje

Calculating TCO for EVs: Where to Find the Greatest Long-Term Cost Savings for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles

August 26, 2020TCO, the costs of buying, operating, and maintaining a fleet of EVs over the life of the vehicles, will be less than a fleet of diesel or gasoline vehicles.

DCFC Fast Chargers in Photograph

DCFC Charger Rollout Accelerated in New York with Permitting Guidebook for Code Officials

August 26, 2020DCFC charging infrastructure is key to the EV market in New York, NYSERDA is publishing a guidebook to assist with the permitting process.

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PG&E Electric Fleet

Build an Electric Fleet Strategy with PG&E’s New Fleet Planning Tool

Watch this webinar recording from ACT News and PG&E on how to use the EV Fleet Savings Calculator Tool to maximize your fleet budgets.

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DTNA continues to build electric truck momentum

August 18, 2020Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is back to building commercial trucks at the same rate it was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March, explained Roger Nielsen, DTNA president and CEO, during an Aug. 17 virtual roundtable with industry media.

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Daimler Trucks North America ‘Not Standing Still’ on Electric Trucks

August 17, 2020The COVID-19 pandemic has not significantly affected Daimler Trucks North America’s work on medium- and heavy-duty battery-electric trucks, and despite production shutdowns due to the pandemic, the company is back to building vehicles at the same rate it was before the pandemic hit.


State of Sustainable Fleets Photo

Image: iStock

State of Sustainable Fleets Reports on Clean Tech Across Fuels & Sectors

July 29, 2020The State of Sustainable Fleets report is the first technology-neutral industry resource across all fuels and technology sectors.

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XL Hybrid Truck Image

Image: XL Fleet

Looking to Accelerate Fleet Electrification After COVID-19? Start with a Hybrid

July 29, 2020Commercial and municipal fleets throughout North America are adopting hybrid electric vehicles in large volumes today, with immediate fuel economy.