Topic: Executive Interview

Paola Santana_Social Glass

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Two Companies, One Woman, Leading the Way with Drone Technology and AI

November 26, 2019Paola Santana of Social Glass discusses how advanced technologies, such as AI and drones, can help tackle today’s largest transportation issues.

Toby Kraus of Proterra

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Proterra Offers Electrification Solutions Package to Commercial OEMs

August 9, 2019Toby Kraus, vice president Proterra Powered, discusses how Proterra's electrification technology is now available for commercial vehicle OEMs.

Mari Roberts, Frito-Lay

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Technology, Efficiency and Strategy Drive Frito-Lay’s Fleet Sustainability

July 16, 2019Mari Roberts, senior director of transportation at Frito-Lay, discusses how the company is at the forefront of sustainability and implementing advanced vehicle technologies and fuel efficiencies.

Mike Hasinec - Penske

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Penske Truck Leasing is a Proven Innovator in Vehicle Maintenance

July 2, 2019Mike Hasinec, vice president of maintenance at Penske Truck Leasing, talks about success in keeping up with the rapid pace of changing vehicle technology.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Trillium Provides New Paradigm for EV Fleet Charging with PowerUP

June 19, 2019Kim Okafor, electric transportation manager at Trillium, discusses how the company has become a leader in sustainability and offers advice to women interested in the transportation sector.

Aaron Stash, United Airlines

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Driving Efficiency and Reducing Emissions at United Airlines

May 7, 2019In an ACT News Executive Interview, Aaron Stash, Manager, Environmental Strategy & Sustainability for United Airlines, offers insight into the company's focus on sustainability and biofuels.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: AMPLY Power is Simplifying Fleet Electrification

March 27, 2019ACT News interview with Vic Shao, Founder & CEO of AMPLY Power, on how his company is aiming to simplify electric vehicle charging for fleet operators by offering a “charging-as-a-service” approach.

Cliff Rechtschaffen Headshot

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: California Public Utilities Commission Drives Energy Leadership

March 13, 2019ACT News Interview with Cliff Rechtschaffen, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission, guiding California’s energy programs and policies.

Pam Caro from Blue Bird

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Blue Bird is an Alternative Fuel Leader

February 27, 2019ACT News Executive Interview with Pam Caro, Regional Sales Manager, Blue Bird Corporation, offering the largest selection of alternative fuel school buses.

Lana Van Marter

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Neste Brings Biofuels to the Aviation Industry

February 14, 2019ACT News Executive Interview with Lana Van Marter, Commercial Development Manager, Neste, a producer of advanced biofuels and renewable fuels.

Alia Khouri is Director of Fleet Operations

Image: City of San Diego

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: San Diego Fleet Operations a Data-Rich Enterprise

February 11, 2019In an ACT News Executive Interview, Alia Khouri with the City of San Diego, shares how commitment to fleet data drives innovation in the City fleet.

Vic LaRosa with TTSI Truck Fleet

Image: TTSI

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: TTSI Embraces Zero-Emission Transportation

December 5, 2018In an ACT News Executive Interview, Vic LaRosa with TTSI shares how the company is committed to a zero-emission transportation pathway.

Dan Berlenbach Stands at Fleet Services Wall of Pride

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: City of Long Beach Fleet Winning Multiple Awards

November 29, 2018In an ACT News Executive Interview, Dan Berlenbach with the City of Long Beach discusses leadership and his hope for clean transportation.

Andrea Pratt Driving EV

Image: Seattle Parks & Recreation

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Seattle Proudly Advocates for Alternative Fuels

November 20, 2018Andrea Pratt with the City of Seattle shared her mission to mitigate climate change and electrify the transportation sector at large.

Image: ACT Expo

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: ROUSH CleanTech Calif. Roadshow to Showcase Near-Zero Engine

October 24, 2018Todd Mouw, President of ROUSH CleanTech, shared how commitment to the needs of customers drives innovation across their alternative fuel platforms.

Ed Vogel photo of Vego-V RCNG Fueling Station

Image: Ed Vogel // Vogel Holding Inc.

A Unique Approach to Renewable Fuel Market Development in Western Pennsylvania

October 2, 2018Ed Vogel of Vogel Holding Inc./Seneca Landfill discusses how Vogel became the first company in Pennsylvania to refine landfill gas into RNG for vehicle fuel.