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Summary of Funding & Incentives for Clean Vehicle & Equipment Deployments

In partnership with clean transportation and energy consulting firm, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), we have identified the following federal, state, and local incentive programs that are currently available to assist fleet operators in the deployment of clean vehicles and equipment, and new infrastructure developments. As the landscape of funding opportunities for these types of projects is ever-changing, please contact us at [email protected] for more information on how to apply for and potentially receive grant awards.

State or ProvinceProgram NameMaximum SolicitationEligible Fuels
AlabamaOn Road Heavy Duty Vehicles, Class 4-8 Truck and Bus$5,810,000CNG, Diesel, Fuel Cell, Hybrid Electric, LNG, Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, RNG
ArizonaSalt River Project (SRP) - Level 2 ChargingNot specifiedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
ArkansasArkansas Clean Fuels Funding Assistance Program (VW)$697,794Battery Electric, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Propane
ArkansasState Agency Fleet Emissions Reductions (SAFER) Program (VW)$1,109,790Battery Electric, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Propane
British Columbia - CanadaBCHydro EV Charger Rebate ProgramNo max establishedBattery Electric
British Columbia - CanadaNatural Gas for Transportation (NGT) - Maintenance Facility Upgrade Incentive ProgramNo limitCNG, LNG
British Columbia - CanadaCEV Specialty-Use Vehicle IncentiveNot specifiedBattery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell
CaliforniaHybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP)$56,895,654 as of 5/23/2019CNG, Fuel Cell, Hybrid, Hydrogen, Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Electricity
CaliforniaSan Joaquin: Public Benefit Grants Program - New Alternative Fuel Vehicle Purchase$8,000,000CNG, Fuel Cell, LCNG, LNG, Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Propane, RNG
CaliforniaSacramento Emergency Clean Air and Transportation Program (SECAT)$11,500,000Alternative Fuel School Buses
CaliforniaAntelope Valley Carl Moyer Program$725,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Propane, Hydrogen
CaliforniaLower-Emission School Bus Program (LESBP) - ReplacementsVariable by year & air districtCNG, Diesel, E85, Hybrid, Methanol, Propane, Electricity
CaliforniaSan Joaquin Electric School Bus Incentive Program
No maximum establishedPlug-in Electric School Buses
CaliforniaSan Joaquin - Off-Road Repowers and Retrofits (Agriculture)
No maximum establishedCNG, Diesel, Fuel Cell, Hybrid, LNG, Plug-in Electric, Propane
CaliforniaSan Joaquin - Truck Replacement ProgramNo maximum establishedCNG, Diesel, Hybrid, Hydrogen, Plug-in Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Propane
CaliforniaCarl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment ProgramApproximately $69,000,000 annuallyCNG, Diesel, Hydrogen, LNG, Propane, Plug-in Electric
CaliforniaAVAQMD AB 923 Funds$609,000CNG, Diesel, Hybrid, Hydrogen, Propane, Electricity
CaliforniaCharge Ready Transport (EVSE program)$343,000,000Electricity
CaliforniaCalifornia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) Northern California Incentive Project (NCIP)$4,000,000Battery Electric
CaliforniaLADWP Charge Up L.A.!No maximum establishedBattery Electric
CaliforniaSan Joaquin - Drive Clean! Rebate ProgramNo maximum establishedBattery Electric, Hybrid Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
CaliforniaEastern Kern APCD 2019 Carl Moyer ProgramNo maximum establishedCNG, Hydrogen, Battery Electric, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric, Propane
CaliforniaSouth Coast AQMD Voucher Incentive Program (VIP) (small fleets)$2,500,000CNG, LNG, Battery Electric, Diesel
CaliforniaBAAQMD Vehicle Trip Reduction Grant Program 2019-2020$6,000,000Non-fuel project
CaliforniaCalifornia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) Sacramento County Incentive Project$14 million with $7.7 million for Level 2 and $6.3M for DCFCBattery Electric
CaliforniaCalifornia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) Southern California Incentive Project (SCIP)$29,000,000 with $13M for LA County, $9M for Orange, $5M for Riverside, and $2M for San BernardinoBattery Electric
CaliforniaSacramento Metropolitan AQMD Carl Moyer Program$10,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, Hydrogen
CaliforniaClean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP)$74,360,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Fuel Cell
CaliforniaCalifornia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP)$7,000,000Battery Electric
CaliforniaVW Program for Zero Emission Transit, School, and Shuttle Buses 2019$135 millionBattery Electric
CaliforniaGlendale Water & Power Charging Station RebateNo maximum establishedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
CaliforniaSBCAPCD Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure ProgramNo maximum establishedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
CaliforniaPasadena EV Charging Station IncentiveNo maximum establishedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
CaliforniaSan Joaquin Clean Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Incentive Program$15 millionBattery Electric, CNG, Hydrogen Fuel Cell
CaliforniaVW Program for Combustion Freight and Marine$30 millionCNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Propane
CaliforniaCalifornia Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) San Joaquin Valley Incentive Project (SJVIP)$14,000,000Battery Electric
CaliforniaEastern Kern APCD 2020 DMV Grant Program$250,000CNG, Non-Fuel Projects
CaliforniaCEC Hydrogen Refueling Infrastructure$45,700,000Hydrogen Fuel Cell
CaliforniaCEC Food Production Investment Program$74,000,000Battery Electric, Biogas
CaliforniaCEC Demonstrating Long Duration and Title 24-Compatible Energy Storage Technologies$20,000,000Battery Electric
CaliforniaCEC Developing non-Lithium Ion Energy Storage Technologies to Support California's Clean Energy Goals$11,000,000Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell
CaliforniaSCAQMD Proposition 1B 2019 Goods Movement Emission Reduction Program$5,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Propane
CaliforniaClean Off-Roade Equipment (CORE) Voucher Incentive Program$44,000,000Battery Electric, Fuel Cell
Canada (Federal)Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP)$97,195,800Electricity
Canada (Federal)Green Freight Assessment ProgramNo maximum establishedCNG, Hydrogen, Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
Canada (Federal)SDTC Investment Program$4,000,000Not specified
Canada (Federal)Low Carbon Economy Challenge: Partnerships Stream Second Intake$10,000,000All fuel types
Canada (Federal)Green Municipal Fund$55,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, Non-Fuel Project, Propane, Fuel Cell
ColoradoInnovative Motor Vehicle Credit and Innovative Truck CreditNo limitCNG, Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Propane
ColoradoMatching Grant Program for CNG School BusesEstablishedCNG
ColoradoClean Air Fleets Diesel Retrofit Program$1,500,000
ConnecticutConnecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate (CHEAPR)$2,700,000Fuel Cell, Hybrid, Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Electricity
District of ColumbiaAlternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) and Infrastructure Tax CreditNo limitBiodiesel, CNG, E85, Hydrogen, LCNG, LNG, Propane, Electricity
FloridaJEA Plug-In Electric Vehicles RebateNo max establishedBattery Electric
FloridaChargeUP! Sarasota CountyNot specifiedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
FloridaDuke Energy Park & Plug ProgramDuke Energy aims to install 100 workplace charging sitesBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
GeorgiaZero Emission Alternative Fuel Vehicle AND Medium / Heavy Duty Vehicle (MDV/HDV) Tax CreditsNo maximum establishedPlug-in Electric, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell
GeorgiaGeorgia FundNot SpecifiedBiogas, Geothermal
HawaiiHawaii Energy Electric Vehicles Charging Station ProgramNot specifiedBattery Electric
HawaiiUlupono Initiative InvestmentNot specifiedAlgae, Battery Electric, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass
IdahoIdaho Power EVSE Incentive OfferingUp to $7,500 for forklifts, up to $20,000 for EVSEElectricity
IdahoVW EMT Light-Duty EVSE Program - Idaho$2,830,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
IllinoisDriving a Cleaner Illinois FY 2019$1,830,000Plug-in Electric
KansasCNG Rebate Program$167,000CNG, Hybrid Electric
KentuckyKentucky New Energy Ventures FundNot specifiedBiodiesel, Biogas, CNG, E85, LNG, Methanol, Propane, Electricity, Solar, Wind
LouisianaAlternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) and Fueling Infrastructure Tax CreditNo limitBiodiesel, Biogas, CNG, LNG, Plug-in Electric, Electricity
Louisiana, Mississippi, TexasEntergy Case-by-Case Basis Electrification IncentivesNo maximum establishedPlug-in Electric, Plug-in Hybrid
MassachusettsMassachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV)$1,860,000Fuel Cell, Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid
MassachusettsMassachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP): Fleets$2,000,000Plug-in Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Electricity
MassachusettsMassachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP): Workplace Charging$1,500,000Electricity
MassachusettsNational Grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station ProgramNot specifiedBattery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
MassachusettsEversource Charging Stations$45,000,000Battery Electric
MassachusettsCommonwealth Organics-to-EnergyTo be determinedRNG
MontanaCharge Your Ride$300,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
NebraskaAlternative Fuel Tax RefundNo maximum establishedCNG, LNG, Propane
NevadaNV Energy Fleet Electrification Incentive$15,000,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
New JerseyClean Vehicle Toll Incentive - Green Pass Discount$250,000Alternative Fuel Vehicles
New JerseyNJ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Program$400,000Electricity
New JerseyNJ Clean Construction Program$798,232.55DPF, Electricity, Bi-Fuel, Biodiesel, CNG, Diesel, LCNG, LNG
New JerseyVW Funding Program$24,000,000Battery Electric, Biodiesel, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Hydraulic Hybrid, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
New Jersey; New YorkPort Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) Regional Truck Replacement Program$2,000,000Biodiesel, Biogas, CNG, Diesel, LNG, Propane, Electricity
New YorkNational Fuel Natural Gas Vehicle Program$1,000,000CNG
New YorkHunts Point Clean Trucks ProgramTo be determinedCNG, Diesel, Hybrid, DPF, Electricity
New YorkAlternative Fueling Infrastructure Tax CreditNo maximum establishedCNG, LNG, LCNG, Hydrogen, Propane, Electricity
New YorkMunicipal ZEV Clean Vehicle Rebate Program$3,000,000Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell
New YorkPON 3981 Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training$7,000,000Battery Electric
New YorkNew York State Truck Voucher Incentive Program$18.4 millionBattery Electric, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, RNG, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell
New YorkCharge Ready NY$5,000,000Battery Electric
New YorkTruck Voucher Incentive Program (NY-TVIP)$18.4 millionBattery Electric, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, RNG, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell
New YorkChargeConnect$1,400,00Battery Electric
North CarolinaClean Fuel Advanced Technologies (CFAT) Project 2020$1,400,000Battery Electric, Bi-fuel, CNG, Hybrid Electric, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane
North DakotaNorth Dakota's Renewable Energy Program (REP)No maximum establishedAlgae, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass, E85, Geothermal, Hydrogen, Electricity, Solar, Wind
North DakotaND Clean Diesel Grant Program$315,00Diesel
OklahomaNatural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and Infrastructure RebateNo limitCNG, LNG, Natural Gas
OregonEWEB Commercial Plug-In Electric Vehicle IncentiveNot SpecifiedBattery Electric; Hybrid Electric; Plug-In Hybrid Electric
OregonZero Emission Vehicle Rebate Program (Light-Duty)$12,000,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
OregonOregon Clean Fuels Program (LCFS)No maximum establishedBattery Electric, Biogas, CNG, LNG, Propane, RNG
OregonOregon Pacific Power EV Charging Station Grant$2,500,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
PennsylvaniaClass 8 Truck and Transit Bus Grant Program$6,400,000CNG, Diesel, Fuel Cell, Hybrid, Hydraulic Hybrid, Hydrogen, LCNG, LNG, Plug-in Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Propane, RNG
PennsylvaniaRenewable Energy Program Geothermal and Wind ProjectsNot specifiedGeothermal, Wind
PennsylvaniaAlternative and Clean Energy Program$9,000,000CNG, LNG
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Volkswagen Settlement$6.9 millionDiesel
Québec - CanadaÉcocamionnage (Ecocammionage) Program$81,350,000Battery Electric, Biodiesel, CNG, Hybrid Electric, Hydraulic Hybrid, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, RNG
Rhode IslandDirect Current Fast Charge (DCFC) Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive Program$725,000Battery Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric
TexasTexas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program (TNGVGP)$15,500,000CNG, LNG, Propane, RNG
TexasTexas Clean School Bus Program$6,200,000CNG, Diesel, Propane, DPF
TexasClean Fleets North Texas - NCTCOG$2,000,000Alternative Fuel Vehicles
TexasHGAC Clean Vehicles Program$10,200,000CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Hydrogen, LNG, Battery Electric, Propane
TexasLight-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive (LDLPI) Program FY 2020$7,736,986Battery Electric; CNG, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, RNG, Electricity
TexasVW Settlement - School, Transit, and Shuttle Buses$58,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane
TexasTxVEMP - Refuse Vehicles$42,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane
TexasPlug-In AustinNo maximum establishedBattery Electric
TexasSeaport and Rail Yard Areas Emission Reduction Program$9,200,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane
TexasAlternative Fueling Facilities Program (AFFP)$12,000,000All fuel types
United States (Federal)Title 17 Federal Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy Projects and Energy Efficient Projects$4,500,000,000All fuel types
United States (Federal)Port Infrastructure Development Grant$292,730,000All fuel types
United States (Federal)Voluntary Airport Low Emission Program / Airport Improvement Program$10,000,000All fuel types
United States (Federal)Rural Energy for America Program (REAP)$26,00,000Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass, Geothermal, Non-fuel Projects, Hydrogen, Electricity, Solar, Wind
United States (Federal)DERA School Bus Rebate Program$10,000,000Battery Electric, Bi-Fuel, Biodiesel, CNG, Diesel, E85, Hybrid Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, LCNG, LNG, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane
United States (Federal)Advanced Technology Manufacturing Incentives$16.6 billionBattery Electric, Bi-fuel, Biodiesel, Biogas, Biomass, CNG, Diesel, E85, Hybrid Electric, LCNG, LNG, Methanol, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, Propane, Hydrogen, Electricity, Solar, Fuel Cell
United States (Federal)Mobility for All Grants$3.5 millionAll Fuel Types
United States (Federal)Targeted Air Shed Grant Program$50,306,000All Fuel Types
United States (Federal)EJ Collaborative Problem-Solving Cooperative Agreement Program$1,200,000All Fuel Types
United States (Federal)Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Battery Powered Hybrid Emergency Relief Truck: ‘H2Rescue’$1,100,000Hydrogen Fuel Cell
United States (Federal)
FY 2020 Vehicle Technologies Program Wide Funding Opportunity Announcement
$133,200,000All Fuel Types
United States (Federal)Passenger Ferry Grant Program$30,000,000Battery Electric,CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Plug-In Hybrid Electric, RNG, Fuel Cell
United States (Federal)[email protected] New Markets Funding Opportunity Announcement$64,000,000Battery Electric, CNG, LNG, RNG, Fuel Cell
United States (Federal)Bus & Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment Program$432,350,000All Fuel Types
UtahHeavy Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Tax Credit$500,000CNG, LNG
UtahConversion to Alternative Fuel Grant ProgramNo maximum establishedCNG. Propane, Battery Electric
UtahWork Electric$50,000Battery Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric
UtahUtah Clean Diesel Program$9,300,000Battery Electric, CNG, Diesel, Hybrid Electric, Propane
VirginiaAlternative Fuels Program Government Fleet Vehicle Incentive$1,300,000CNG, Propane
VirginiaGreen Operators (GO) Program - RetrofitNo maximum establishedAll fuel types
VirginiaGreen Operators (GO) Program - ReplacementNot specifiedDiesel
WashingtonAlternative Fuel Commercial Vehicle Tax Credits$2,000,000CNG, Hydrogen, LNG, Propane, Electricity
WashingtonWashington VW Light-Duty EVSE Program$2,250,000Battery Electric, Plug-in Hybrid Electric
WashingtonVW Scrap and Replace School Bus Program$12,000,000Battery Electric
WyomingBusiness Ready Community Program$50,000,000CNG, Hybrid, Hydrogen, LNG, Non-Fuel Project, Propane, Electricity

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