Battery Technology Will Drive the EV Market Forward

April 18, 2022

Commercial vehicles like trucks and buses are the workhorses of our economy. That’s why successfully transitioning commercial vehicles to electric requires a safe, efficient, and proven battery pack.

At Proterra, that is just what we’ve been focused on. New technology is making the promise of fully electric fleets a reality, and we’re driving the transition to 100% clean transportation today. Fleet operators need long life and great range in their fleet vehicles, uptime like they have today, and a scale and cost structure that provides an ever-improving total cost of ownership.

inside EV battery pack

Image: Proterra

Optimizing battery-electric vehicle performance and quality requires constant innovation and real-world testing. The early investments we made in telematics provide us with real-time data from vehicles every day, offering our engineers incredible insight into vehicle performance in all kinds of environments, allowing them to continually improve performance. The result: We’ve established a lifespan of 4,000 cycles for our battery systems — charging and discharging every day for 12 years in a transit vehicle.

Through our Proterra Powered program, our battery systems are utilized by world-class OEMs to introduce 100% battery-electric vehicles, including electric school buses, coach buses, low-floor shuttle buses, and delivery vans.  These are not one-dimensional applications — serving everything from intra-city and regional haul to industrial uses in port settings. This presents unique engineering challenges and Proterra Powered’s battery packs are designed with versatility in mind.

Still, there’s more work ahead of us. Decarbonizing commercial and industrial vehicles is core to Proterra’s mission of bringing innovative, scalable clean technology solutions to the commercial vehicle market.

Now, the question is no longer if the commercial vehicle market will move towards electrification, but how quickly we can deploy the technologies we need to solve the climate crisis while meeting the needs of a demanding industry and customer base.

Electrifying commercials vehicles is not easy, but Proterra Powered has put the building blocks in place to catalyze this important market transformation and we are delivering industry-leading technology solutions today.

To hear more about Proterra Powered battery packs, visit our booth #1519 at ACT Expo.

Claire McConnell, vice president of strategic partnerships at Proterra Powered, will also be speaking during the Rumors and Reality: Battery Health Impacts session during the Battery Workshop at ACT Expo on Monday, May 9.