Nate Springer

Nate Springer

Director, Market Development

Nate has over 15 years of experience in transport and clean business. With GNA, he leads market development of low and zero-emission technologies and promotes their adoption by fleets with maximum ROI. Previously, he directed BSR’s Future of Fuels initiative with fleets, OEMs, fuel providers and designed its turnaround. He also managed BSR’s clean shipping initiative with 85 percent of global container carriers and 30 of their customers and led clean energy strategy projects with numerous Fortune 500 companies. His expertise crosses EV, renewable natural gas, biodiesel and renewable diesel, hydrogen, CNG, LNG for road fleets and shipping globally, especially in US, Europe, and Latin America. He speaks at 8-10 events and writes for several publications on transport cleantech annually. Nate is fluent in Spanish and holds an MBA with High Distinction and an MS in Natural Resources from the University of Michigan.

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