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Developing an Effective Charging & Energy Strategy for Your Fleet’s EV Transition

Watch GNA, Ideanomics Energy, and its partners discuss how to create an effective electrification ecosystem team for your fleet.

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Cleaner Energy, Fuel Infrastructure Considerations Shared During EPA Webinar

June 28, 2022In partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s webinars on the Clean School Bus Program, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory shared information on the other key ingredient to alternative fuel/energy school buses: infrastructure.

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The Future Charging Standard for Heavy-Duty EVs

June 28, 2022Four years after kicking off a task force on heavy-duty charging for commercial vehicles, CharIN E.V. has developed and demonstrated a new global solution for heavy-duty trucks and other heavy-duty modes of transportation: a Megawatt Charging System.

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EV puzzle

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From Puzzle to Plan: Solving an EV Future with Partnerships

June 27, 2022No two electrification projects are identical, each one a puzzle for fleets to navigate and determine the charging infrastructure necessary to ensure a successful transition to zero-emission EV technology.


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Electric Truck as a Service Delivers Timely ISR Compliance Solution

June 21, 2022WattEV’s innovative fleet electrification model provides relief to Southern California warehouse operators facing near-term penalties for diesel truck traffic.


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Following Acquisition by Ideanomics, WAVE Looks to Charge Zero Emissions Future

June 17, 2022WAVE was recently purchased by Ideanomics  — a global group with a simple mission: to accelerate the commercial adoption of electric vehicles. WAVE’s CEO Aaron Gillmore speaks about what the sale means for WAVE, the benefits of the charging system, and much more.

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Federal Highway Administration Proposes National EV Charging Network Standards

June 10, 2022The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on proposed minimum standards and requirements for projects funded under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program.

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Warehouse Indirect Source Rule

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ISR Compliance Could Save Warehouse Operators Thousands

June 8, 2022With the implementation of the Warehouse Indirect Source Rule, operators need to add something to their list of daily to-dos — tracking vehicle traffic to and from their warehouses.

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Solar Project to Power 100% of Electrify America’s Charging Network

June 7, 2022Electrify America has entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement with Terra-Gen, a provider of utility-scale renewable energy projects, to build a solar photovoltaic generation project in San Bernardino County, California.

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Funding, Grants Help Improve ROI on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Travel Centers

May 31, 2022Investing in electric vehicle charging equipment can be capital intensive, but funding opportunities, such as rebates and grants, make equipment and installation more affordable and help truckstop and travel plaza operators enter the EV charging space.


‘Clean’ Trucking is Here to Stay

May 18, 2022While the industry waits for electric vehicle charging infrastructure to catch up with OEM production, commercial fleets are investing in a variety of technologies to help them improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

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Survey Cites Fleets’ Growing Acceptance of Alt Fuels, Sustainable Tech

May 16, 2022Overall use of clean fuels and advanced vehicle technologies is rapidly progressing, according to a recent survey of 250 public, private and municipal fleets. But industry experts added that many thorny issues remain.

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More Fleets Are Adding Clean Vehicles, Report Finds

May 16, 2022Nearly 85% of fleets expect zero-emission technology use to grow, according to the third State of Sustainable Fleets report. A record-setting crowd has showed up to ACT Expo to learn more about clean technology and its potential path to commercialization.

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On the Glide Path to Net Zero

May 16, 2022The State of Sustainable Fleets report found that fleet use of clean fuels and advanced vehicle technologies is rapidly progressing.

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ACT Expo Comes to a Historic Conclusion

May 13, 2022At the end of the final day, ACT Expo 2022 surpassed the previous year’s event by more than 3,000 attendees with more than 8,500 industry stakeholders signing up for the event.

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Breakout Sessions Abound at ACT Expo 2022

May 12, 2022The third day of the record-breaking ACT Expo was filled with educational breakout sessions covering all the fascinating trends in and around the clean tech industry.

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