Patrick Couch

Patrick Couch GNA

Senior Vice President

Patrick Couch has extensive expertise on alternative fuel technologies, advanced transportation equipment, low carbon fuels and emissions control strategies. Patrick’s prior work includes assisting Ports and Air Quality Management Districts in the development of demonstration projects for goods movement technologies including, but not limited to, Class 8 trucks using battery-electric, fuel cell, hybrid, natural gas and catenary power systems; battery-electric switcher locomotives; and natural gas, hybrid-electric and battery-electric terminal tractors. Patrick has also led the creation of numerous technical reports, including an analysis of emissions from various modes of freight movement in California commissioned from GNA by the California Clean Freight Coalition, a coalition of environmental organizations. Patrick developed the first characterization of drayage truck duty cycles at the San Pedro Bay Ports, that now serves as a unique technical data set for vehicle manufacturers to assess the operations and emissions performance of their vehicles.