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Wegmans Reimagines a Diesel-Free Fleet by Using Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels

December 14, 2021When it comes to fleet sustainability at Wegmans, the retailer has switched its focus from diesel efficiency to diesel elimination through the use of alternative fuels, electrification, and collaborative partnerships with technology suppliers.

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ACT Expo 2022 Opens Registration

December 14, 2021ACT Expo, North America's largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event, returns to the Long Beach Convention Center May 9-12, 2022.

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CARB Passes Smog Check Regulation for Trucks, Buses

December 13, 2021The California Air Resources Board approved a regulation that would require some medium- and heavy-duty trucks and bus owners to inspect their vehicles’ emissions control systems twice a year.

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Embark Trucks to Start Autonomous Truck Route in Texas

December 9, 2021Autonomous trucking software developer Embark Trucks recently announced the launch of a self-driving trucking lane between Houston and San Antonio.

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ACT News 2021 Round-Up: A Year of Innovative, Informative Webinars

December 9, 2021The ACT News team offered several online educational opportunities to help answer the questions surrounding clean transportation technologies.

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Daimler Truck Steps Up Autonomous Game

December 9, 2021With interest in autonomous technology growing within the trucking sector, Daimler Truck recently unveiled a new system to meet the demand.

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Can Electric Vehicles Match Diesel Performance in Cold, Snowy Conditions?

December 8, 2021As battery-electric vehicles gain popularity for different uses in transportation, some are wondering if they can perform in the cold and harsh environments that diesel vehicles handle well.

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Daimler, Waymo Outfitting Custom Chassis for Autonomous Driving

December 7, 2021Daimler Truck, which envisions autonomous trucking arising first in North America, reported a custom Class 8 chassis specifically intended to support SAE Level 4 driving is being outfitted through its partnership with the autonomous technology company Waymo.

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Sensibly Navigating To A Clean Future

December 6, 2021With COP26 in the recent rearview, NACFE's Mike Roeth looks at how trucking is meeting the challenge to cut emissions.

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A Few Simple Things Can Wring More Miles from a Gallon of Diesel

December 6, 2021While fuel prices may be rising, fleets can adopt some easy strategies — many at little or no additional cost—to try to get as many miles out of that now-expensive gallon of diesel.

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Sysco Commits to Electrify 35% of Fleet by 2030

December 2, 2021Sysco announced a commitment to electrify 35% of its fleet by 2030 as part of ambitious new climate goals.

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Don’t Let Medium-Duty EVs Catch Your Fleet by Surprise

December 1, 2021Medium-duty electric trucks aren’t just a concept sketch anymore. They are very real, and vocational fleet managers need to start brushing up on the best and most practical ways to incorporate them into their operation.

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Locomation Claims Huge Improvements in Emissions and Fuel Savings

November 30, 2021Locomation, pursuing an autonomous two-truck convoy approach while others are working on equipping one truck for self-driving, claims an environmental impact study shows double-digit improvements in fuel consumption and total operating costs for moving freight by truck.

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Will Electric Trucks Need New Suspensions?

November 24, 2021Electric trucks will redefine how we move freight, but will the addition of a few tons of batteries demand a redesign of the vehicle itself?

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CARB Approves $1.5B Investment in Clean Cars, Trucks, Mobility Options for FY 2021-22

November 23, 2021The California Air Resources Board approved a $1.5-billion investment plan that will increase access to clean vehicles and clean mobility options through a wide variety of projects that support the transformation of California’s vehicle and equipment fleet to zero-emission.

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How Can Green Bonds Help Companies Overcome Costs to go Green?

November 23, 2021While one of the largest barriers to adopting emissions-reduction technologies in the transportation sector is the high initial costs, green bonds can help companies get the upfront capital they need to invest in sustainable technologies.

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