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Highway in Los Angeles - Path to Zero Emissions

Tackling Trucking: How to Get Zero Emissions Trucks at Ports and on Freeways in Los Angeles

August 12, 2019Reducing emissions in the Los Angeles region is important, particularly within ports and on the freeways. Where are we now and where do we need to go?

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI)

Moving on from LNG Myths

July 26, 2019Stakeholder engagement through in-person LNG demonstrations are an effective tool to frame how LNG can be safely handled, stored, and transported.


IMO Regulation and its Unknown Impact to Shipping

The Impending IMO Regulation and its Unknown Impact to Shipping

July 2, 2019A looming IMO regulation will require all ocean-going vessels to burn fuel containing no more than 0.5% sulfur. Is the world ready for this massive transition?


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Workshop at ACT Expo

The Growing Importance of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Freight and Ports

July 2, 2019The California Hydrogen Business Council recently hosted two workshops focusing on the successful implementation of hydrogen vehicles across the freight and port sectors.

California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC)


We Know How to Nearly Eliminate Emissions at the Ports…Will They Listen?

June 27, 2019Based on a feasibility study, near-zero emission natural gas drayage trucks are a key component to achieve clean air at the ports—starting today and without compromise.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Long Beach, California

Image: Long Beach Convention Center

Long Beach Becoming Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Hot Spot

June 5, 2019The fuel cell and hydrogen industry often looks to California as an example of how the private and public sectors, through innovation and policy support, can come together to lead the global clean energy revolution.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)

Roger Nielsen Speaking at ACT Expo

Clean Transportation Solutions from ACT Expo 2019

May 15, 2019The innovations and technologies at ACT Expo demonstrated the significant increase in investment in advanced clean technologies and fuels for the commercial fleet sector.

Fleet Owner

Road to Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Image: Unsplash

More States Follow California’s Lead with Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs

May 9, 2019California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard program has made an impression on other states and regions as they attempt to reduce their own carbon footprint.


Women in ACT Panel

Women in ACT: Implementing Innovation with a Diverse Workforce

April 29, 2019Ford Motor Company presented Women in ACT on Wednesday morning, a workshop that focused on why women are a critical component of the winning formula needed in today’s advanced clean transportation industry.

ACT Expo

BYD Debuts Next Generation Battery Electric Yard Tractor Providing Performance, Comfort, and Reliability

April 24, 2019BYD Motors is expected to deliver 14 yard tractors to two BNSF Railway intermodal facilities in Southern California, adding to an ongoing demonstration project.

ACT Expo

Kenworth, Toyota Show Production Fuel Cell Truck

April 22, 2019After 14,000 miles of testing its prototype hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks, Toyota and Kenworth reveal the first emission-free unit for port service late this year.

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ACT 101: Have You Left Money Lying Around? A Look at California’s Clean Fuel Market

April 18, 2019LCFS credits can accelerate a return on investment, contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, and in some cases, provide free fuel plus a little additional cash in the fleet’s pocket.


Image: Port of Long Beach

ACT Expo 2019: New Forum to Explore the Future of Clean Cargo Handling Equipment

March 28, 2019Pacific Merchant Shipping Association will hold a forum for terminal operators and port stakeholders to learn about the future of clean cargo handling equipment.

ACT Expo

Image: ACT Expo

ACT Expo 2019: New Workshops & Co-Located Events

March 26, 2019ACT Expo attendees can look forward to a series of workshops hosted by partner organizations covering topics including how to stay ahead of rapidly advancing technologies, best practices for navigating alternative fuel options, and the most promising developments for 2019.

ACT Expo

Image: Port of Long Beach

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Ports and Shipping

Join ACT News and the California Hydrogen Business Council for a complimentary webinar on March 14 covering hydrogen and fuel cells in the port and shipping sectors.

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A Reflection on the Last 25 Years at GNA

December 10, 2018As GNA celebrates its 25th Anniversary, Cliff Gladstein, President of GNA, reflects on the past 25 years in clean transportation and looks to the next 25 years.