Natural Gas Trucks: 5 Key Things Fleet Operators Should Know

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There has never been a better time to consider converting your fleet to run on natural gas, as the last decade has seen huge advances in natural gas truck technology. Today’s ultra-low emission natural gas engines and advanced fuel storage systems offer fleet operators an effective means to immediately and cost effectively reduce operating costs and environmental impact, without sacrificing power or performance. Learn how to save on costs, meet regulatory requirements, and market your fleet as environmentally friendly.

Watch this recorded webinar to gain insight into:

  1. Average lifetime NOx reductions compared to diesel and electric trucks
  2. Why natural gas offers long-term price stability compared to diesel
  3. Available funding programs that can offset purchase costs
  4. How fleets can monetize the low-carbon value of renewable natural gas (RNG)
  5. Which OEMs have commercially available products

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Dan Bowerson

Dir, Technology & Development


Hernan Henriquez

Executive Director

Quantum Fuel Systems

Joe Annotti

Senior Programs Manager