The Potential of Renewable Diesel for Your Fleet

Learn about the vehicle emission benefits of renewable diesel and how it differs from biodiesel.

As a 100% drop-in fuel, renewable diesel offers GHG and criteria pollutant emissions reduction without any infrastructure or vehicle modification required. Leading agencies are already seeing its potential and use in the medium- and heavy-duty transportation space as a way to displace fossil diesel. This webinar will cover:

– Core differences between biodiesel and renewable diesel
– Fuel availability, cost, and procurement considerations
– Environmental benefits and limitations
– Vehicle performance and maintenance impacts
– Case studies from fleets already using it

JoAnne Golden-Stewart GNA

JoAnne Golden-Stewart

Senior Program Manager

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates 

Pat O’Keefe

Owner & Vice President / General Manager

NexGen Fuels / Golden Gate Petroleum 

Evan Speer

Chief, Office of Fleet Asset Management

Department of General Services, State of California