Stack Incentives and Maximize Funding to Jumpstart Your School’s Electric Bus Fleet

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Diesel school bus fleets produce toxic tailpipe emissions and are increasingly costly to maintain and fuel—especially for school district fleets operating on already tight budgets.

With funding currently available through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), local school bus fleets can take advantage of lucrative incentives to make the zero-emission transition easy and cost-effective.

Watch the recording to learn how your fleet can gain access to grant funding and stack incentives, enabling you to start saving money and reducing emissions today.

On this webinar, our speakers included:

  • BAAQMD on how their program funds can be accessed so you can transition your school bus fleet even faster.
  • A GNA funding expert on which programs can be stacked so you can maximize your funding opportunities.
  • PG&E on how to reduce both cost and time when installing EV charging infrastructure.
Claire Keleher

Clair Keleher

Staff Specialist

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Tim O'Neill

Account Executive

Pacific Gas & Electric

Brianna Lawrence

Brianna Lawrence

Senior Program Manager

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates