Blending Renewable Hydrogen into the Natural Gas Pipeline: Key Opportunities and Challenges

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Renewable hydrogen has the potential to be an important solution for both the storage of renewable electricity and the decarbonization of our gas supply. However, natural gas utilities must adapt to store, transport, and deliver renewable hydrogen through their pipes.

Watch the recording of the Renewable Gas 360 webinar to:

  • Learn about the steps that European utilities are taking to integrate renewable hydrogen into their energy systems
  • Explore the issues that U.S. gas utilities are addressing as they assess the role renewable hydrogen can play in decarbonizing their gas supply
  • Discover the steps the nation’s largest gas distribution utility is taking on hydrogen blending
  • Gain insight into the policies that can accelerate the use of renewable hydrogen



Renewable Gas 360This webinar is part of a series of educational forums that spotlight the critical role renewable gases can play in helping states reduce GHGs, improve air quality, enhance energy reliability and resilience and achieve sustainable economic growth.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • A Primer on Gasification
  • Power-to-Gas (P2G) – Status of U.S. Projects
  • P2G – Europe Takes the Lead
  • A Renewable Gas Portfolio Standard (RGS) – Leadership in Other States
  • Strategies to Mitigate Wildfires Using Forest Biomass as a Feedstock for Renewable Gas

The series is hosted by SoCalGas, the Propane Education & Research Council, and PG&E. Sponsors include Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Bloom Energy, bp, California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership, NW Natural, Shell, South Coast Air Quality Management District, and Southwest Gas.

Mark Neller

Director - Energy Leader UKIMEA


Kristine Wiley

Executive Director, Hydrogen Technology Center


Devin Zornizer

Vice President of Construction

Southern California Gas Company

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Founding President

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates