Making Cents of Electric Vehicles: Key Incentives for Fleet Deployment

As the largest buyers of transportation technologies, fleets are frequently confronted with a number of challenging issues that come with cutting-edge technologies such as battery electric vehicles. Two major issues often include 1) the upfront costs and 2) the uncertainty regarding the quality and readiness of the technology. Now that EV technology in motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and various medium- and heavy-duty vehicles have been tested and, in many instances, proven in the marketplace, fleets are looking even more closely at this growing segment of the clean vehicle industry. While interest and demand for the product have grown significantly, incremental vehicle costs often still remains a challenge, especially in the public sector where “leadership directives from above” may not always come with the appropriate “funding from above.” Thankfully there are a number of innovative incentive programs being offered by both the private and public sectors to help facilitate procurement and deployment of EVs throughout North America.

Marc Deutsch

EV Business Development Manager


Joe Annotti

Senior Associate

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)