How to Deploy eTRUs: Lessons Learned from an Early Adopter

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Food and beverage fleets transporting perishable items rely on transport refrigeration units (TRUs) to deliver goods to and from ports, warehouses, distribution centers, and grocery stores. With tens of thousands of these units operating in California, TRUs become significant contributors to the emissions produced by the transportation sector. For this reason, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has targeted TRUs for early transition to zero-emission alternatives.

Fleets are increasingly looking to electric TRUs (eTRUs) as the solution, including nation-wide grocer Albertsons Companies. Learn from Albertsons’ experience as an early adopter of eTRUs, including how they installed charging infrastructure, retrofitted existing trailers, and instituted safety procedures for fleet operations.

In this webinar recording, hear from speakers on:

  • How Albertsons deployed eTRUs and installed infrastructure
  • The pending changes to CARB’s eTRU regulation
  • How your local utility can help reduce the cost of going electric

Dean Kunesh

EV Fleet Specialist

Pacific Gas & Electric

Lianna Rios

Clean Transportation Customers Solutions Manager

San Diego Gas & Electric

Andrew Papson

Andrew Papson

eMobility Advisor Transportation Electrification

Southern California Edison

Sean Turner

Chief Operating Officer

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates