Reducing the Cost of Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs and Speeding up ROI

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As more medium- and heavy-duty fleets consider EVs to meet zero-emission regulations and sustainability goals, the initial upfront costs of electrification may seem daunting. However, fleets have a variety of funding options available, which can be stacked to reduce the cost of vehicles and charging infrastructure—helping you realize a return on your investments sooner.

Watch this one-hour webinar recording to gain insight into:

  • The currently available funding opportunities for deploying electric vehicles
  • The benefits of SDG&E’s Power Your Drive for Fleets program, including incentives and rebates, site design and construction support, and more
  • How to stack available incentives to reduce the overall cost of purchasing new vehicles and installing charging infrastructure
  • What the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program is and how fleets can begin generating credits

Lianna Rios

EV Customer Solutions Manager


Kathleen Keehan

Supervising Air Resources Specialist

San Diego County Air Pollution Control DIstrict

Michael H

Michael Hamilton

Senior Project Manager, Technical Services