Fleet-Friendly Electricity Rates: How They Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Electric vehicle (EV) and infrastructure costs can be offset by a number of grants and incentives, but what about powering your EVs? San Diego Gas & Electric’s (SDG&E’s) new electricity rates can help fleets reduce budget stress caused by unpredictable fuel costs.

Watch this webinar recording to hear experts breakdown:

  • The savings opportunity with SDG&E’s new electricity rates compared to diesel
  • How the cost of electricity impacts total cost of ownership
  • Eligibility requirements and how to enroll in the new rates

To learn more about SDG&E’s fleet-friendly electricity rates, click here, and to learn about the Power Your Drive for Fleets program, click here.


Lianna Rios

Power Your Drive for Fleets Customer Solutions Manager


Taylor Marvin

Clean Transportation Rates Expert


Sean Turner

Chief Operating Officer