Emergence of Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Decarbonize Commercial Air Travel

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Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is showing promise as the leading way to reduce carbon emissions from the global commercial aviation sector, with California becoming a leading testbed.

Watch this webinar recording which covers:

  • Full fuel cycle GHG-reduction benefits of SAF per current and future production pathways
  • Dynamics, synergy and tradeoffs associated with co-producing SAF for aviation versus renewable diesel for ground transportation applications
  • Key efforts at California airports to increase SAF’s limited supply and expand displacement of conventional jet fuel
  • Necessary policy changes for SAF to reach full commercial potential


Jon Leonard

Senior Vice President

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Derrick Tang


Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Erin Cooke

Director, Sustainability & Environmental Policy

San Francisco International Airport

Chris Tindal

Assistant Director

Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative

Bryan Sherbacow

Chief Commercial Officer

World Energy

Jimmy Samartzis

Chief Executive Officer


Chris Cooper

VP North America Renewable Aviation