The Future of Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Mobility has Arrived!

June 10, 2019

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Introducing FCmove™, Ballard’s next generation fuel cell power module.

Compact and robust, FCmove™ is designed to allow easy integration into buses, trucks and trains. With a 35% reduction in overall life cycle costs, FCmove™ is a major advancement in the competitiveness of fuel cell solutions for heavy-duty vehicles.

Ballard’s fuel cells are well proven for fleet operators seeking zero emission solutions. FCmove™ is the culmination of more than 8 generations of product development and learnings from 14 million kilometers of road experience in a wide variety of challenging applications and climates. Our purpose-built designs mean the fuel cells are built specifically to meet the demanding drive cycle of heavy-duty vehicles.

Watch the video to learn more about what makes FCmove™ the right choice for your zero emission fleet.


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