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Trucking Through Uncertainty

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency brings (NACFE) insights from drivers and industry professionals about the current COVID-19 situation.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Fresh Tracks Episode 2 Electric Shuttles video title screen

Fresh Tracks – Episode Two: Electric Shuttles

The San Diego Airport Parking (SDAP) are now running EV Star shuttles. SDG&E installed the charging infrastructure SDAP and other operators with medium duty vehicles who want to electrify their fleets. This episode features interviews with SDAP, GreenPower, Energetics, SDG&E and the San Diego Airport Authority.

The Drop-in Fuel That Reduces Fleet Emissions

Learn more about biodiesel’s effect on diesel engines in this short video from Renewable Energy Group.


Volvo Trucks – LIGHTS Project

Volvo LIGHTS will demonstrate the ability for zero emission, heavy-duty battery electric trucks and equipment to reliably move freight between Los Angeles’ two major ports and warehouses throughout the region with less noise and fewer emissions.

Fresh Tracks – Episode One

'Fuel Economy and Alternative Fuels in Trucking' - We hear from UPS about its Rolling Laboratory, its current collaboration with Xos Trucks to develop a fully electric medium duty delivery truck, and from industry experts about strategies to achieve better fuel economy.

Biodiesel Driving Business to National Fleet

Learn how biodiesel has helped for-hire carrier G&D Integrated meet environmental goals and win business.

Climate-Smart Dairy

Learn more about California’s world-leading efforts in Dairy Cares’ Climate-Smart Dairy video.

Dairy Cares

The Future of Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Mobility has Arrived!

Compact and robust, Ballard’s next generation FCmove™ fuel cell module is designed to allow easy integration into buses, trucks and trains.

Clean Air Can’t Wait

Watch CNGVP’s latest video that details how natural gas trucks can enable California to immediately and cost-effectively achieve healthy air.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

May 1 ACT Expo Press Conference: Trillium Announced a New Company Name and Expanded Alternative Fuel Offerings

Reflecting the company’s latest offerings in the alternative fuels industry, Trillium CNG, a member of the Love’s Family of Companies, is now Trillium.

ACT Expo

May 1 ACT Expo Press Conference: Tropos Motors Unveiled “ABLE” Line of Electric Compact Utility Vehicles

Tropos Motors has established a dealer network to sell and service the low-speed, all-electric ABLE chassis and the specialty work bodies it is developing for its emissions-free utility vehicle.

ACT Expo

May 1 ACT Expo Press Conference: eNow Unveiled the First All-Electric Reefer Trailer Powered by Solar

eNow put its system, dubbed “Rayfrigeration,” through real-world paces in the most severe conditions to ensure it works as effectively as polluting diesel counterpart, while slashing emissions.

ACT Expo

May 2 ACT Expo Press Conference: Shell Shares New Efficiency Metrics for the Shell Starship

Fuel efficiency and freight transport typically exist at opposite ends of the spectrum, but a new Class 8 truck hopes to change that. It’s called the Starship.

ACT Expo

May 2 ACT Expo Press Conference: Agility Announced a New Partnership with Romeo Power

Agility and Romeo have entered into an exclusive global agreement whereby Romeo will supply custom-designed battery modules to Agility for Class 4-8 vehicles.

ACT Expo

May 2 ACT Expo Press Conference: BYD Motors and US Hybrid Announce Partnership to Supply Fuel Cell Electric Buses to Honolulu-Hawaii Airport

The shuttle will start making rounds between Honolulu airport and a nearby rental car center in September.

ACT Expo

May 2 ACT Expo Press Conference: California Clean Air Agency Announces $1.2 Billion Invested in Zero Emission Future

California officials announced that to date the state had pumped more than $1.2 billion into projects that put a growing number of zero-emission and low-carbon buses, trucks and cars onto the state’s roads and highways. Read more about this press conference that took place at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo.

ACT Expo