Green Hydrogen Visions for the West

October 21, 2020

Concept of hydrogen energy storage from renewable sources - wind turbines and photovoltaics. 3d rendering

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Looking at the many challenges we face today in the west during the most horrific fire season in our history, we are compelled to develop energy and transportation systems that are resilient and reliable – and carbon free. Green hydrogen is that clean strategic fuel for everyone. Produced from zero-carbon energy resources, such as solar, wind, hydro power, biomass, biogas or municipal waste, green hydrogen is the clean energy solution for today and the future.

Green hydrogen is the clean energy solution for today and the future.

Hydrogen is a domestically produced resource that can increase America’s energy security and independence and create and repurpose jobs. Green hydrogen is unique in that it can be leveraged across multiple sectors, from transportation, to power, to industrial feedstocks and beyond to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution, reduce agricultural and municipal waste, and diversify fuels for multiple sectors. However, to realize these cross-cutting benefits requires significant effort that includes public support for RD&D, commercialization, and market design. Regional, inter-state, and multi-jurisdictional focus will be critical to this work and will provide a valuable platform for advancing hydrogen solutions at scale.

Regional, inter-state, and multi-jurisdictional focus will provide a valuable platform for advancing hydrogen solutions at scale.

As the nation enters a new decade with unemployment challenges and new energy economics, committing to building our hydrogen transportation and energy infrastructure will be a critical part of a sustainable recovery. In Europe, Asia, and Australia we see high levels of government support for hydrogen infrastructure, and we are now seeing increased momentum for the United States to create similar pathways. From maritime transport to aviation to heavy road transport applications to hydrogen-gas powered turbines, offtakers for green hydrogen are diverse and span across multiple sectors. Identifying and aggregating centers of green hydrogen demand will be critical in accelerating progress.

In the United States, there is considerable opportunity for regional hydrogen development as various parts of the country have different industries, assets, and use cases for hydrogen.

In the United States, there is considerable opportunity for regional hydrogen development.

Multi-state energy system modeling, field testing, policy development and coordination are essential to encourage infrastructure investment in the space. Based upon exploratory discussions with many of the State Energy Offices in the Western and Central regions, we have seen a significant interest in advancing green hydrogen for transportation and the energy sector and opening market opportunities to meet states’ energy, environmental, and economic goals.

At the Green Hydrogen Coalition, we champion the development of regional green hydrogen initiatives. Regional collaboration can address regulatory, policy and commercial barriers currently associated with the scaled production and use of green hydrogen and develop and disseminate coordinated best practices. Through education collaboration, and modeling coordinated efforts can streamline road mapping efforts across regions to accelerate efficient green hydrogen market development.

Green Hydrogen Visions Event

This November we are hosting an interactive energy all-star virtual conference to highlight opportunities for regional collaboration in the West. In partnership with the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB), we are pleased to host keynotes from Daniel Simmons, Assistant  Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US Department of Energy and Martin Adams, General Manager and Chief Engineer of the country’s largest and most visionary publicly owned utility, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. Legendary green investors such as Jigar Shah of Generate Capital and executives from Dominion Energy, Shell, Plug Power and more will meet with energy officials from Utah, California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Western Canada and beyond to map out Western regional collaboration.

We invite all to join the conversation by registering for the event at To get involved in the GHC, email