Carrier Transicold Offers Emissions Reduction Through Sustainable Transport Refrigeration

May 10, 2022

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Carrier Transicold’s range of electric transport refrigeration and cooling products — the eCool series — help lower emissions for customers across the “cold chain,” according to the company, which showcased its line at ACT Expo 2022.

The eCool product line includes sustainable solutions for heavy-duty tractors and trailers, as well as medium- and light-duty trucks.

“Our eCool portfolio encompasses solutions for a wide range of applications to fulfill our customers’ need for more sustainable solutions that reduce emissions and respond to changes in the regulatory environment,” said Dave Kiefer, director of product management and sustainability, Carrier Transicold. “Elimination of the diesel engine also reduces noise, which is especially appreciated when operating in urban and suburban areas.”

The eCool products showcased included:

  • Vector eCool refrigerated trailer system powered by ConMet eMobility
  • Supra eCool truck refrigeration unit
  • Neos 200e for light-duty vehicles
  • ComfortPro electric auxiliary power unit

Additionally, Carrier Transicold’s telematics platform can be used with transport refrigeration units in the eCool family to provide remote temperature monitoring, unit location, and movement details, as well as battery status and system performance.

Energy efficiency is critical to Carrier’s progress in reducing its customers’ carbon footprint by more than one gigaton, while also achieving carbon neutral operations by 2030, as outlined in its bold Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals.