Fuel / Technology: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Image: GNA

GNA Surpasses $500 Million in Grants and Incentives for Clean Transportation Projects

September 27, 2018GNA announced they have secured over $500 million in grants and incentives on behalf of clients across the commercial transportation and energy sectors.


CNG School Buses

Image: Daimler Trucks North America

Natural Gas School Buses Reduce Asthma-Inducing Emissions

September 11, 2018To help reduce asthma-inducing emissions, schools can replace their aging fleets of diesel school buses with new buses powered by clean burning natural gas.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Kent Johnson in UCR CE-CERT Mobile Emissions Laboratory

Image: UCR

UCR’s CE-CERT Study Highlights Natural Gas for Emissions Reduction in Heavy-Duty Trucks

September 7, 2018Kent Johnson, Assistant Research Engineer for UCR CE-CERT, shared his team’s findings from recent emissions testing on CWI’s 11.9L NZE natural gas engines in this special ACT News executive interview.

Dairy Industry Sustainability Summit

Dairy Industry Inaugural Summit Highlights Methane Emission Solutions

August 30, 2018In California, dairy sustainability is intersecting with clean transportation in a big way. The inaugural Dairy Sustainability Summit aims to educate dairy farmers and fleet operators on how to monetize dairy biogas.


Natural Gas Truck Orders

Image: Daimler

The Truth about NatGas Tractors

August 22, 2018The heavy-duty natural gas truck market continues to steadily march forward and mature, and is on track to have one of its best sales years ever.

Fleet Owner

Near-zero emission truck in Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

Image: TTSI

Near-Zero Emission Trucks Deployed in Busiest Port Complex

August 16, 2018Harbor trucking firms demonstrate we can slash transportation emissions immediately and cost effectively with today’s near-zero emission natural gas trucks.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Image: US DOT

How to Reverse the Upward Trend of GHG Emissions in California

August 14, 2018Although California has significantly reduced its GHG emissions, emissions from the transportation sector have actually increased. Learn how the state can reverse the trend.


Natural Gas Vehicles: A Bipartisan Solution

August 8, 2018Several recently-introduced bills for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) provide bipartisan solutions for the deployment of cleaner alternative fueled vehicles.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Renewable natural gas from anaerobic digester

Image: CR&R Incorporated

New Approach to Trash is Displacing Fossil Fuels

July 27, 2018In July 2018, renewable natural gas began to flow into Southern California's natural gas distribution system from a state-of-the-art high solid anaerobic digester that processes organic waste that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill.


Is Natural Gas renewable?

Image: CNGVP

Is Renewable Natural Gas a Fossil Fuel?

July 19, 2018To those of us in the industry, this question may sound like a no-brainer. However, this question and similar ones are still commonly asked.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

The Funding Fireworks Show Is About to Start, Where Will You Be?

July 5, 2018Utilities and states across the country lead with substantial investments in clean transportation projects and a commitment to reducing emissions.


Trump’s Bailout for Coal Power May Undermine the Benefits of EVs

June 26, 2018President Trump has ordered Secretary of Energy Rick Perry to prepare immediate steps to prevent the retirement of coal and nuclear electricity generating facilities. This could delay the progress in the transportation sector.


Alternative Fuel Vehicles Help Disaster Recovery, Fleet Resiliency

June 12, 2018Vehicles that run on an alternative fuel – such as biodiesel, electricity, natural gas, and propane – can help build system resiliency by diversifying an emergency response fleet if a storm or other emergency disrupts a state’s primary fuel supply.

Clean Communities of Central New York (CC of CNY)

final VW settlement plans

Image: ACT News

FUNDING: Get Ready to Drink from the VW Firehose

June 6, 2018Final VW settlement plans open up for applicants in several states across the U.S. and school districts among the early winners.

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New Generation Biofuels Increasing in Viability

May 24, 2018It is predicted that mid – long term development in technology will improve the efficiency of biofuel production processes making it increasingly practical to produce more in a shorter time period.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus runs on RNG.

Image: CNGVC

RNG Is the Fast Track to Cleaner Air in California

May 10, 2018RNG has four big benefits: It’s a climate twofer, reducing greenhouse gas emissions through both its production and use. It reduces toxic air pollution. Its local production creates good jobs. And it can do all this now, through use in readily available near-zero natural gas engines.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition