BREATHE Southern California

BREATHE Southern California (BREATHE SoCal) is dedicated to clean air and preventing lung and other air pollution related diseases by partnering with youth, advocating public policy, supporting lung health research, and educating the public. BREATHE SoCal emphasizes focus as an independent lung health organization to address Los Angeles County’s specific air quality and health needs. As pediatric asthma rates increased nationwide, the organization also placed greater emphasis on asthma education programs, while continuing to pursue clean air initiatives. BREATHE SoCal is a member of the BREATHE America Alliance, a network of nationwide independent lung health organizations, and BREATHE California Coalition, including four other BREATHE California organizations that focus on Central Coast, Sacramento-Emigrant Trails, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara-San Benito Counties. The BREATHE California coalition focuses on localized programs and comes together to implement programs and research that benefit all Californians. We work together to advance primary and secondary lung disease prevention and interventions, as well as advocate for clean air policies and practices.