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Pioneer Power Mobility

About Pioneer Power Mobility

e-Boost’s mobile EV fast charging operates independently of the grid, relies on the cleanest fuel source, and can maximize profits for fleet operations and last mile deliveries. e-Boost solutions provide power ranging from 50-350+ kW. e-Boost is a product of Pioneer Power Mobility, a division of Pioneer Power Solutions (NASDAQ: PPSI), experienced providers of off-grid resiliency solutions such as distributed power and back-up power generation assets available throughout the USA.

Corporate Headquarters

8900 109th Avenue North, Suite 800
Champlin, MN 55316


Geo Murickan

President & CEO


Scott Bradley

Director of Sales


Liana Foksheneanu

Business & Stakeholder Development Director


Featured Video

e-Boost Solves EV Charging Delays

e-Boost is independent of the grid, relies on the cleanest fuel source, and can be used as both a temporary or permanent solution. To learn more listen to our videos on how:



e-Boost GOAT Solves Range Anxiety

The e-Boost GOAT can provide emergency charging anytime and anywhere – off-road, in rural areas, or cities. It's the perfect mobile solution to solve an EV driver’s range anxiety. The GOAT provides power up to 90 kW.

e-Boost 400kW Generator on a Trailer Towed by a Truck

e-Boost 400kW Generator on a Trailer

An e-Boost customized unit being towed by a truck on its way to its unveiling at the Grand Casino on the Mille Lacs Reservation in Minnesota.

e-Boost Pod Transitions Fueling Station to EV Charging

Imagine this e-Boost Pod sitting in the parking lot of your retail establishment – providing EV fast charging and building loyalty among your customers? Add another revenue stream with paid advertising on your unit.

e-Boost Pop-Up EV Charging & Connectivity Solution

A pop-up custom e-Boost solution runs on multiple renewable and green sources including solar and propane. It provides outdoor lighting as well as security cameras!

e-Boost Mobile Disaster Recovery Command Center

A disaster recovery command center is perfect for first responders who need electrical power and internet services. This command center works seamlessly with other e-Boost products.

e-Boost End User Portal Automates Refueling and Maintenance

e-Boost units are outfitted with all the tools to manage remote deployments and automate refueling and ensure uptime. Can be monitored by your staff or Pioneer Critical Power, with three decades of experience servicing distributed power & backup power generation assets across the US.

Pioneer Critical Power Service Team Ensures EV Charging Uptime

Alex, Pioneer Critical Power’s team member, ensuring that everything functions properly during this customized e-Boost Mobile unit’s debut.

e-Boost Mobile for Commercial and Residential EV Charging

The e-Boost Mobile can be easily positioned to serve apartment buildings, convention parking, and special events to supplement existing infrastructure or in situations where more permanent charging infrastructure is not feasible.

e-Boost Mobile Provides Instant EV Charging at Large Events

The e-Boost Mobile at an outdoor Stadium parking provides an instant EV charging solution for sporting events, concerts, and other outdoor activities where large numbers of people congregate.

e-Boost GOAT at Clean Cities Coalition, Cocoa, FL Recharges Leaf

The e-Boost GOAT charging an attendee’s Nissan Leaf at the Clean Cities Coalition event in Cocoa, Florida.