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Investments Drive Sustainable Transportation Growth

February 27, 2020The ACT Expo Investor Summit, launching this year at ACT Expo, is a first-of-its-kind event to focus on investing in the clean fleet market.

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Finding Funding Isn’t as Simple as Point and Click

February 20, 2020While other funding resources require you to point and click through countless incentives, GNA’s Funding 360 Program is a proven market-intelligence solution to help you pursue—and secure—the funds you need.


Dairy Farms Fuel a Cleaner San Joaquin Valley: Sustaining Jobs, Fighting Climate Change, and Improving Air Quality

February 12, 2020Renewable natural gas produced from California's dairy farms is the leading alternative to diesel in heavy-duty trucks—reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How Southern California Edison is Charging Forward with Transportation Electrification

January 20, 2020Katie Sloan, Director of eMobility, Building Electrification and Customer Service Governance, details SCE’s commitment to supporting vehicle electrification across all sectors—including heavy-duty trucks.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How California’s Labor Unions are Building the Workforce for a Clean Energy Future

January 8, 2020The California State Council of Laborers work in conjunction with California’s ambitious clean air and climate goals, creating and training the highly skilled and in-demand workforce required for California’s clean energy future.

IMO 2020: What Fleets Need to Know and How to Prepare

December 6, 2019Will the looming IMO sulfur regulation impact domestic diesel prices? How on-road fleets can turn to domestically produced fuels to avoid price volatility.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Two Companies, One Woman, Leading the Way with Drone Technology and AI

November 26, 2019Paola Santana of Social Glass discusses how advanced technologies, such as AI and drones, can help tackle today’s largest transportation issues.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How CARB Is Fostering Innovation Across Commercial Transportation in California

November 5, 2019Sydney Vergis of the California Air Resources Board, discusses how the state agency is working to drive change across the global transportation industry by fostering investment and innovation in California.

Southern California’s Polluted Air Problem: A Call to End Diesel Now

October 28, 2019Due to climate change, increasing transportation emissions, and a lack of political will, Southern California is falling behind its counterparts in major European cities in reducing air pollution.

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Truck - Natural Gas Vehicles

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The Time for Natural Gas Vehicles Is Now

October 23, 2019Natural gas vehicles are cost-effective, widely available, and substantially reduce emissions, particularly for heavy-duty trucks.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Cows for Dairy Digester

Massive RNG Supply Boost in California

October 8, 2019California dairy digester projects are successfully converting a previously untapped waste stream into a valuable resource and producing a carbon-negative fuel.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Federal government advances fuel cell technology

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Federal Policies Are Advancing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

October 8, 2019Bipartisan, bicameral support for National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day reflects the longstanding belief in the energy, environmental, and economic benefits of these technologies across the United States Government.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)

California Truck Regulation

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Zero Emission Truck Regulations on the California Horizon

October 1, 2019California’s ACT regulation will soon affect both fleets and vehicle manufacturers—planning now will help them better prepare for deploying ZEVs.

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BEVs - Light Vs Heavy-Duty

Medium- and Heavy- Duty BEV Fleets Face Unique Challenges

September 23, 2019Deploying battery electric vehicles in medium- and heavy-duty fleets is an exacting exercise requiring specific knowledge of vehicle routes and schedules, charging rates, electrical infrastructure, and electricity pricing.


Stacking Incentives to Buy Down the Cost of Fleet Electrification

Find additional incentives and rebates that drive down the cost of EVs and charging infrastructure.

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How Two California Fleets Have Successfully Deployed EVs

Hear from fleet managers who have successfully deployed EVs leveraging PG&E's EV Fleet program.

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