What Fleets Need to Consider When Electrifying Their Depots

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Building an electric fleet depot can seem daunting. With an array of new electric vehicles (EVs) on the market with different battery sizes and ranges, the means, methods, and time to fuel your vehicles may vary. You need detailed and experienced guidance to build a smart, efficient electric depot.

Watch this webinar recording to hear a step-by-step guide to give your team the keys to develop a successful EV depot, including:

  • Simulation modeling
  • Systems integration for streamlined workflows
  • Growth planning

This is the second webinar in a two-part series hosted in partnership with ChargePoint. Click here to watch the recording of part 1 – “EV Fleets 101: Building Your EV Infrastructure Plan,” which took place on January 12.

David Peterson

Head of Fleet Solutions


Tanner Hayes

Manager, Finance & Program Operations - Global Energy