Solar Energy for Auxiliary Power in Trucks and Trailers

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Interest in using solar panels for auxiliary power is growing among fleet operators as main truck batteries are often no longer able to meet the power needs of today’s trucks due to new idle-reduction legislation and increased driver comfort demands.

NACFE recently released a Confidence Report on the use of solar technology on both tractors and trailers to help fleets determine if solar panels make sense in their application.

Watch this recorded webinar to gain insight into how fleets can evaluate if solar panels are a good investment, as well as the many benefits solar energy can offer, including:

• Minimizing engine idling while parked, providing fuel economy
• Supporting battery HVAC systems and hotel loads without batteries
• Reducing the expense and inconvenience of jump-starts and unplanned downtime
• Increasing driver retention by powering computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc.
• Supporting liftgate, telematics and reefer operations

Interested in learning more? Check out our recent ACT News article, Solar Panels for Trucks and Trailers, the Time has Come, contributed by NACFE Executive Director Mike Roeth.

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The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is dedicated to doubling the efficiency of North American goods movement. We pursue this goal in two ways: By improving the quality of the information flow and by highlighting successful adoption of technologies. In order to facilitate the wider industry’s trust in and adoption of technologies, NACFE partnered with the Carbon War Room to form Trucking Efficiency and began a series of reports, called “Confidence Reports,” which take an in-depth look at technologies, covering key details of their applications, benefits, and variables.


Mike Roeth

Executive Director


Marcel Pouliot

Vice President, Industry & Regulatory Affairs


Gordon Max

Director, Fleet Distribution


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Director, Global Business Development, Solar Products

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