Infrastructure for the Future: How Microgrids are Accelerating Transportation Sector Decarbonization

Webinar Date: October 18, 2022 at 10:00am PST

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Transportation emits the most greenhouse gases of any U.S. sector, making fleet electrification a top priority of the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs and Inflation Reduction Acts. However, today’s aging utility grids aren’t ready to meet rapidly rising energy demand from passenger, medium-, and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Public and private fleet owners are turning to behind-the-meter microgrids to overcome this challenge and achieve their sustainability and energy reliability goals.

In this webinar, transportation leaders will discuss proven strategies for accelerating the transition to a zero-emission future.

  • Transit: Hear from Montgomery County, Maryland officials who are pioneering the EV transformation with an integrated microgrid and EV bus charging system that will abate 168,000 metric tons of CO2.
  • Distribution & Logistics: Hear from distribution innovators on the efficiency and sustainability benefits for warehouses and private fleet owners from on-site solar and EV charging.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: Learn how combining on-site renewable energy generation and heavy-duty vehicle EV charging in an integrated microgrid could reduce emissions by 59% and achieve $1.2 million in annual savings for a food manufacturing facility.
  • Airports & Ports: See how airports and ports can utilize microgrid technology to support electrification of ground vehicles and meet ambitious energy resilience and zero-emission goals.
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Andre Lalljie

VP of Development


Christine Houston

Manager of Sustainable Practices

Port of Long Beach

Michael Yambrach

Chief, Office of Energy and Sustainability

Montgomery County, Maryland